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While away on a business trip that lasted over a weekend I decided to waste some time by the pool on a bright Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately most of the other guests had the same idea and the pool area was very crowded. I did find a vacant lounge chair however, one of the advantages of being alone among a lot of couples.

“Is this chair being used?” I asked the woman sitting beside the vacant seat. She looked across to the chair then up at me over her magazine and answered that it was free. I thanked her and started to place my gear beside the chair in the gap between the woman’s and mine. As I bent to lay out my towel after stripping to my swimmers, I had a feeling of being watched but I ignored it and lay down and started rubbing in some lotion.

After five or so minutes a waiter came by and took our drink orders together, thinking we were a couple, which we laughed at and then went back to our reading. Another few minutes went by and the woman beside me started to get up. “It’s hot today isn’t it?” It was more of a statement and as she said it she stretched exposing a great view of her breasts. Although in a swimsuit it was obvious that she had great tits and it was then that I started to pay her some real attention.

She moved to the pool’s edge slowly, I checked out her body on the way. She was not the model that women in these stories are portrayed to be. Her body was carrying an extra kilo or two but her shape was very sexy and she walked with a style that brought her some real sensuality. Her one-piece swimsuit hugged her curves and made her butt look great and I could feel an attraction to this woman.
She dove in and came back to the edge to face me, which caught me off guard a little. I think she saw the embarrassment in my face of having been busted checking her out. “Aren’t you hot?” she asked.

“Well yes actually.” I got out quickly.

“Come in then the water is great,” she beckoned, so I got up and headed to the pool.

“Ah, but everyone says that and it’s usually freezing.”

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