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By Royal Command!

“Hello Princess”
said William sneaking up behind his new wife
'Oh William, it has truly been a wonderful day and this evenings party
has been fantastic too' says Katherine
William hugged her from behind and kissed her on her neck
his hands rose slowly to cup her breasts.
'I can't wait until everyone has gone and we are all alone
and I have you ALL to myself!'
“That sounds wonderful darling and I have been waiting to have you too!!!”
They both laugh and kiss and hug
“But, my dearest sweet Princess, there is one thing we must do first….
a certain initiation into the Royal f****y that has to be dealt with”
'Oooooh that sounds awfully intriguing William, what may that be, one asks”
“Well my little butter nips, follow me and you will see”
William drags Katherine down the corridor and into a bedroom
“Now, I hope you are going to be a good girl for me and
Obey the Royal word….”
William with a wry smile stands and looks at Katherine who has the giggles
“Why don't you slip off that little dress thing and let the Prince
see the Pauper, 'eh???”
more giggles as Katherine unzips the party dress and lets it drop to the floor
she stands before her Prince in her white underwear and hold up stockings.
“Stunning! Absolutely Stunning!!” William looked lustily at Katherine
“Give us a twirl” Katherine spun around and showed off her wares
“Now turn around and bend over for me Princess I want a proper look”
Katherine smiled and did as she was told and sticking her bottom in the air
and giving her Prince a beautiful view.
Williams comes up behind her and rubs his hands over her body and down her
legs then up again on the inside of her thighs, reaching right up
between her legs and striking her pussy through her Lacy knickers.
With one hand either side he rolls down her pretty white panties
and she steps out of them
again he traces his fingers up her legs and between her thighs
to her wondrous pussy,
one finger, then two are inserted into her pussy as Katherine lets out a sigh
as she feels him pushing deep inside her pussy.
He in pumping her quickly and firmly and she is gasping in delight with each thrust……
“I want you on the bed on your knees my pretty Princess” he barks at her
she responds by crawling on to the bed on all fours.
“Spread your legs for me, wide, WIDER!”
Katherine does as she is told.
William move to her front and from his pocket he pulls out a blindfold which
he fastens over Katherine's eyes, she says nothing but is surprised.
His hands moves her hair to one side and slides along her back and
unfastens her bra and her breast fall forward and he cups one and
squeezes the nipple which makes Katherine squeal, he does the same to her other breast and nipple as he massages her tit.
Again her traces his hand down her spine to her backside and
between her arse cheeks
now spread and waiting attention. Moving directly behind her and
cupping each buttock in his hands he pulls her cheeks open wider to appreciate the view of her arse and glistening cunt before him.
He steps back and admires the view, a stunning view of his new bride
now only in her hold up stockings and her legs spread and pussy
lips wet and wanting.
At that moment Harry stepped from behind a partition dressed only
in a pair of tartan boxers and still wearing his fez, the b*****rs smiled
at each other but did not speak.
Harry moved up behind Katherine who was unaware of the goings on,
but felt a fingers run along her pussy lips and then a cock nudging against her entrance but let out a….'Oh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh'
as Harry pushed his cock deep inside her
Harry grasping her waist fucked her at a steadily increasing rate
that made Katherine groan and gyrate on the bed with her tits swinging backward and forwards and her arse
smacking against the thrusting Prince.
William, now stripped and watching his b*****r with a resounding
smile moved to face Katherine's face and taking a handful of hair in each hand, which made he gasp with surprise
inserted his cock into her mouth which she tried to f***e away
but could not move because of the grip Williams had on her hair and face.
Both Prince's were fucking and squeals of joy abounded as Katherine came to terms with what was happening and finally relaxed enough
to pleasure both of her orifices.
Harry's grinding and fucking and pounding came to a glorious conclusion
as he shot his load deep into her soaking wet cunt and slowed to a stop
as his b*****r also came to a shattering
climax that flooded Katherine's mouth with a hot stream of cum that
she almost choked on.
Both Prince's stepped back and watched as Katherine collapsed and
rolled onto her back exhausted by the sexual frenzy that had happened.
Sliding the blindfold off she blinked into realisation of what had taken part. She blinked and blinked again as she looked from one Prince
to another and back again before curling up into a ball and crying…..
William moved onto the bed to comfort her and putting his arms
around her he hugged her and kissed her forehead.
“Come on Princess, I did say you were in for a surprise! anyway I thinks it was better than what my mother had to go through…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
this didn't seem to help and Harry sulked off.
After a while and the sobbing had let off they hugged each other
and laid on the bed without speaking. Time passed and Katherine finally spoke.
' I'm not mad at you and I had been warned something may happen it just…. …………just…. well,
if I had known you and Harry were into this sort of thing then….. well…..
I could of fucked the both of you months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

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