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By the pond

This happened to me when I was about 16 me and a friend lee were in the local park fishing when I need to relief myself but there's not public toilets near the pond and I knew I wont make it to the nearest ones but the pond as a wooded area that goes nearly all the way around the pond so I told my mate to keep an on my fishing gear I wont be long and ran so far in to the woods so no one else fishing could see me I was nearly pissing myself so as soon as I pulled out my cock from my shorts It came shooting out and once id finished I gave it a a good shake when I heard a female voice saying what you doing having a wank I felt myself go bright red with embarrassment even more so when looked up and saw it was my mates older s****r Becky and her friend Sam stood there i said no im having a pee i then noticed that sam had her mobile phone out and was pointing it in my direction they both were laughing because they had seen me running in to the woods realising what I was about to do they filmed me but from were they were stood you could not tell I was having a pee it looked like I was stood there wanking myself off in the middle of this wooded area Becky then walked over and asked were lee was because she had a message to pass on to him so I told her I was going back to him so they followed me to were lee was once there she told lee he needed to go strait home he had been using my spare rod so I said id pack up so he could get off home while im putting my gear away I could hear Becky and sam gigging so I turned around and saw they were both looking at sams phone and I knew what they were watching then sam said shame we cant see his cock on the vid then I heard Becky say it dont matter hes going to get it back out and show it to us now aint you I looked at her and said no not a chance then Becky said they would tell my parents and everyone in my year at school they had caught me having a wank in the woods and show them the video as well if I never did as they said and after seeing the video I realised I had no choice and agreed id show them but not stood here next to the pond so sam said to follow them back in to the woods Becky then told me to pull my shorts and boxers all the way down wich after a few deep breaths I did sam then walked over and said its not very big I want to see it nice and stiff so I better make it get hard for them so I started to hold it tight and play with it and it won't long till it nice and hard then Becky said right we want to see you cum and I better hurry up or someone else might walk up and catch me so I started beating my meat as hard and as fast I could in fear of getting caught then I heard sam say do you think we should help him and Becky saying no so sam said well I want to have a touch of it and told me to stop wanking so she could feel how hard it was as she wrapped her fingers around my cock and started to slowly run her hand up and down the full length of it she then said to becky you come and have a feel of this now as she opened her hand offering it Becky to my surprise becky grabbed it but instead of playing with it she then dropped to her knees and started licking the pre cum from my bellend before taking it in her mouth she then started playing with my balls while sucking me off it wont long till I knew I was going to lose my load so I warned Becky but she didn't take any notice and carried on till I shoot load after load in her mouth she then took my limp cock out if her mouth and said to sam do you want a taste and sam said yes I thought she was about to take it in her mouth but to my disappointment she never Becky stood up walked right up to sam and planted her lips on sams I could see tounges slipping in and out of each other's mouths once they had stopped sam told me to pull my shorts back up and they were keeping the video and they had finished with me for now

Updated: December 17, 2016 — 1:35 am
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