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Camping With My Girls Ch 12-13

Introduction: A day at the waterpark Part 12

By the time Kelly and I had showered and made our way to the living room, both girls were already awake, eating cereal, and watching TV shows. Kelly noted with a smile that both girls were naked and seemingly at ease in their nudity. Kelly headed to the kitchen and I flopped down on the couch next to Cassie.

You girls are up early. I guess you didnt stay up too late. Did you get bored?

Cassie giggled, then shot back, We were up late enough to hear you and mom come back into the house. And trust me, we werent bored at all.

Sarah blushed at Cassies comment, but added in, Its true. Cassie had all sorts of interesting things to do.

Did you, now. You didnt use up all your good ideas, did you? I reached over and started tickling her as I said that, and she squealed, trying to escape. I hope you saved a few games for tonight.

Cassie settled down, and then thought about it. Thats right, I get to sleep in your room, tonight. Ill have to start thinking.

Kelly interrupted to let us know she had made some French toast for breakfast, and we all got up to get some. As Cassie walked by, I softly slapped her on the ass, making her jump. Tom! Whats that for?

Call it encouragement. Or, just me being silly. Whichever works for you.

You better watch out, or you might wind up with my breakfast in your lap.

Well, that WOULD be interesting. Id have you eating right out of my lap. That has to be better than the palm of my hand.

Cassie blushed, and returned to the living room to eat some more breakfast and watch some more TV. I joined Kelly at the table and enjoyed breakfast with her. As we ate, we discussed our plans, and agreed on going to a nearby water park for most of the day. While the lake was fun, the water park offered more excitement. And the opportunity to spend the day with the girls, in public, wearing their skimpy suits was a huge turn on for me.

After breakfast, Kelly dug out beach towels while the girls got ready. I grabbed my swim suit and threw a few necessities into a backpack to take with us. Kelly threw me the towels and headed to put on her swim suit.

The girls came out wearing what I felt was definitely more appropriate than their string bikinis. Both had beach shorts and wore tops from two piece swim suits that covered their upper bodies well. Kelly had selected another bikini, but also one that covered more of her body than the one she had used all weekend. Once everyone was ready, we hopped in the car and headed for the park.

Though attendance might have been lower than the summer months, there were still a lot of people there. Whether locals enjoying the lighter traffic or week-end tourists up for the last big trip of the summer, the park was a minor hive of activity. We got our passes and let the girls decide where to start. They decided to make a tour of the park and catch some of the best slides.

We headed for the closest slide, a straight, wavy ride that ended with a long slide across a shallow pool of water. Along the way, Kelly suggested we get a locker for the back pack and anything else we didnt want to carry. We found an open locker and I threw the bag inside.

Hang on, Tom, said Cassie. Ill throw this in.

I wasnt sure what this was, and turned to ask her. My jaw dropped as I saw Cassie pulling her beach shorts down. She had on a bikini bottom that covered little more than the string bikini she wore at the lake. Then I realized Sarah was doing the same, though her bikini covered a bit more than Cassies. Then, both girls slipped the tops they were wearing over their heads, giggling while they did. They were wearing far skimpier bikini tops under the tops they removed. They handed me the shorts and tops to throw in the backpack, then started prancing around, showing off their scantily clad bodies.

Cassie saw my looks and asked, Whats the matter, Tom? You didnt think we were wearing THOSE outfits all day, did you? Those were just for the ride over.

I looked at Kelly and realized she wasnt going to say anything, so I went with it. One thing was certain, both girls would be attracting a lot of attention, and not just from me. Cassie was wearing a bikini with skimpy, French cut bottoms and a matching string bikini top. The bright blue material looked incredible with her blue eyes and shocking blond hair. Sarah seemed to have taken a page from the womens volleyball league and had a sports bikini with bottoms that barely covered half her ass. She skipped the halter top of the outfit and wore a string bikini top similar to what Cassie was wearing.

Again, I looked quizzically at Kelly. Dont look at me, she said. They picked out their own clothes.

I was just wondering if you were stripping down to something less, too.

No, she responded. I think Ill go with this.

Giving up, I threw the clothes in the backpack, closed the locker and pinned the key into the pocket of my swim suit. Obviously, none of the girls would be carrying it. Once I was ready, we headed to the first slide. With multiple lanes, we figured we could have a race to start the day off.

Of course, Ill probably win, said Cassie, since I have less swimsuit to slow me down.

I dont know, joked Kelly. Ive got a pretty good chance. This is one race where a bit of extra weight helps.

I couldnt resist throwing my two cents into the mix. I dont care what any of you say. Im the big winner, today. I get to wander around the park with you three. Leaning in to the three of them, I whispered, Plus, Ill get to see you all wet. And I know whats under each of the swimsuits you are wearing.

Kelly smirked while Cassie and Sarah giggled. Watch out, Kelly answered, You dont want to raise any flags here at the park.

With all the sexual innuendo out of the way, we headed to the line for the slide, and got the day started. We spent the next couple hours hitting as many slides and rides as we could. In addition to the fun of the water park, I got to enjoy watching all three ladies running around in their skimpy outfits. Kellys fully developed ass and tits were perfect. Cassies suit showed off her developing hips while revealing enough of her body to let my imagination run wild. Sarahs bottoms showed enough of her tiny ass to frequently attract my attention.

All three of the girls were attracting their fair share of other attention. As with any water park, there were plenty of beautiful girls in swimsuits. But Cassie and Sarah had some of the skimpiest outfits for girls their age, and they drew stares from many of the guys we passed, including many guys closer to my age. I had to chuckle knowing that I was getting what they wanted. It appeared Cassie noticed, too, as she went out of her way to draw attention to herself. From the childish giggles to the flamboyant poses she struck after going down a slide, Cassie made sure people saw her beautiful body.

Of course, other park visitors werent the only ones targeted by Cassie and, to a lesser degree, Sarah. Both girls spent plenty of time teasing and outright flirting with me. Any time I sat down one of the girls was immediately in my lap. If it was Cassie, she almost always ground her crotch into my lap as she sat down. Sarah was constantly throwing her bare arms around my neck and hugging me. Both girls tried to stay in front of me in line so they could keep their asses in my face. Always the gentleman, I let them.

Kelly seemed more interested in watching what was happening than actually teasing me. She had a constant grin on her face watching her girls toy with me and other visitors. Occasionally, she would lean into me and whisper, How hard are you? With everything the girls were doing, I was pretty much semi-erect all of the time, and every time she asked, I got a bit harder.

As it approached noon, we decided to take a break, get some food, and eat by the wave pool. While Kelly and I went for food, Cassie and Sarah looked for a good spot to claim. By the time Kelly and I got back with lunch, the girls had a crowd of young boys trying to talk with them. Both were giggling at the attention, and welcomed our return, telling the boys, We have to eat, now. As they sat with us at the table, Cassie said, Youd think theyd never seen a girl, before.

I answered, Well, honey, they havent. Not one as beautiful as you two. Leaning close to them again, I softly added, And not as sexily dressed, either, which caused both girls to blush. But it didnt distract them from the food, and they dove into the hamburgers and fries.

We watched the people as we ate, pointing out this person or that, and Cassie and Sarah were just as quick to point out cute girls as Kelly or me, apparently okay with me checking out any of the females, regardless of age. None of the girls seemed interested in the boys, though Cassie did continue to tease any guy that stared at her.

After we finished eating, the girls ran into the wave pool to splash and swim, and probably to tease the guys some more. I took the extra time to continue checking out the girls in the area. I was in heaven, surrounded by so many young girls in swimsuits. Kelly pointed out one girl of perhaps 13 who hadnt thought her suit out very well, as the material was so thin she was giving everyone a show. I noted her well developed titties and the slight darkening around her pussy. As she walked past, I got a good view of her ass, and wondered if her parents were aware of just how thin her suit was.

Kelly pointed out a younger girl with the same problem. This one, perhaps seven, didnt have anything to show, but I still got a good glimpse of her tiny nipples and pussy. Unlike the 13 year old, I wasnt so interested in her sexually as I was interested in parents that would allow such a young girl out in a see through swimsuit.

We also saw our share of sexy older girls and women, the occasional camel toe, and plenty of less attractive people. All were making the most of the final big weekend of the summer, and all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Well, except perhaps the boys that kept trying to make headway with Cassie and Sarah, only to be shot down on every attempt. It made me wonder what would happen if an older man tried to approach them.

Eventually, Kelly and I joined the girls in the pool to spend some time playing with them. Though we had to keep things FAR more tame than at the cabin, we still got pretty grabby under the water. Any time I grabbed one of the girls to throw them in the water, their hands found their way between our bodies and onto my cock. Much of the grabbing resulted in slips of the hands that allowed me to rub the girls across their chest or bikini covered pussy. Kelly gave and received much of the same treatment as she wrestled with her daughters in the water.

As we got wore out from the wrestling, we spent more time just floating in the water, and Cassie swam into my arms, floating with her back to me. She pushed her ass back into my crotch, then turned her head slightly to whisper in my ear. I wish you could fuck me right here, Tom. She must have felt my cock harden and push into her ass because she added, It seems you want to fuck me, too.

Completely aware of the risks, I slid my hand down between our bodies and started rubbing her pussy through the swimsuit. I whispered back to her, Do you think you can control yourself if I do?

Cassie responded by sliding her own hand behind her and into my shorts. She grabbed my cock and stroked it slowly, saying she could handle it if I could. Her hand on my cock dissolved any opposition I might have had, and I slipped a finger under the elastic in the leg opening of her swimsuit and quickly found her pussy. I eased the finger inside her and started to fuck her with it while she continued to slowly jack me off.

Looking around to make sure we werent under any close scrutiny, I pushed the fabric of her bikini bottom off her cunt, then lowered the front of my shorts enough to slip my cock out. I quickly positioned it below her pussy and had her sink lower in the water. Cassie barely made a sound as my cock slid into her 12-year old pussy. Once I was inside her, we floated around like we were playing, allowing the wave action to do most of the work for us. I would stay lower in the water as she floated up and down and her pussy glided over my cock with each wave.

As we floated and fucked, we kept our eyes out for anyone who might see more than we wanted. Having my cock inside Cassies pussy with so many people in the general vicinity was an incredible turn on, and I had to fight from yelling out and fucking her more forcefully. One benefit of the more gentle sex is that I was able to hold on for longer than I would have otherwise managed. Cassie and I floated there, coupled, for nearly 10 minutes before I knew I was going to climax.

Once again, I whispered into Cassies ear. Youre going to make me cum, baby. Then, doing everything I could to mask my pleasure, I filled Cassies cunt with my sperm. Cassie felt the warmth shoot inside her, and had a small climax of her own. The only real indication of her orgasm was a tightening of her pussy muscles and some heavy breathing as she also maintained a straight face and said nothing.

I kept my cock inside Cassie for a bit longer, then slipped it out while I still held onto her. She slipped my shorts back up, then repositioned her swimsuit to cover her cum filled pussy. Before leaving my side, she leaned in and whispered, That was wild, Tom. Ill want to do that again. Once again, I found myself watching my young lovers ass, wondering just how crazy she could be.

Cassie and I then rejoined Kelly and Sarah and asked if they were ready to hit some more slides. That depends, answered Kelly. Are you two done?

Cassie blushed, and said, For now.

Sarah looked at us with the unasked question in her eyes. Cassie caught the look and whispered to her, Tom and I just had sex in the pool.

Sarahs then looked at Cassie as if Cassie were her new hero. Really?

Cassie took Sarahs hand and said, Lets go on some more slides. Maybe we can come back to the wave pool later, when Toms had a chance to rest. She looked at me with an evil twinkle in her eye. Would that be okay, mom?

Well see. It will very much depend on whats happening and when we leave. But she had a similar gleam in her eye, and I could almost hear the gears turning in her head.

Part 13

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing the same games we had all morning. We raced down slides, splashed in the pools, and watched the girls. Cassie and Sarah continued to tempt the guys in the park, and loved every minute of it.

Much to my chagrin, we never did find an opportunity to make it back to the wave pool. The idea of fucking Sarah in the same pool where Id fucked her sister had a lot of appeal, but it just didnt work out.

All too soon, it was getting close to dinner time and we decided to head back toward the cabin. Sarah was almost dejected when we went back to the locker to retrieve our things, having to accept that we werent going back to the wave pool. Seeing Sarahs reaction, Kelly made a suggestion when we got back to the car. How about I drive home, Cassie ride up front, and Tom and Sarah ride in the very back. We have plenty of towels and a blanket you can use.

Sarahs face lit up at the thought. That would be kind of cool, wouldnt it, Tom?

I guess we could do that, so long as you two keep us aware of anything we should know about.

Giddy with excitement, Sarah climbed in the back of the SUV without bothering to change out of her swimsuit. I opened the passenger door, laid the back seats down, then climbed into the back after laying some towels down and grabbing one of the blankets that Kelly always seems to have handy. Sarah and I crawled under the blanket as Kelly and Cassie hopped in the front seats and started driving home.

Knowing we had more than an hour until we got back to the cabin, I whispered to Sarah that we didnt have to rush anything. Laying next to her, I asked her in a quiet whisper if she had fun at the water park. Just as quietly, she said she had. She started to say something about the wave pool, but I cut her off by leaning down and kissing her.

At first, the kiss was just on her lips, but I didnt break it off. When Sarah responded by opening her mouth, my tongue sought hers out. We kissed gently for a short bit, then I moved my mouth to other parts of her face and neck. My tongue lightly brushed the side of her face, then I started to gently lick at her ears. I then worked my way down to her neck where I started to suck at her throat and shoulders.

I put my arms around her body and pulled her into me, sucking passionately at her neck. Sarah put one hand on the back of my head, pulling me into her as I continued to attack her with my mouth. Moving across the front of her body, I worked my tongue to the other side of her neck, kissed at her other ear, then returned to her mouth. Her tongue was hungry for more as we continued to neck, and my hands started to wander over her body.

While one arm was effectively trapped by her body, I was able to rub her back and bottom with that hand. The other was resting on her side and I began to caress her, working my hand back and forth between her hips and chest. Sarah wrapped her arms around me and rubbed my shoulders lightly as we made out.

Eventually, my hands sought out the ties to her bikini top. Once they were untied, I slid the fabric off her chest and moved my hand onto her nipples. Sarah sucked her breath in as I started to rub her tiny titties with my fingers and her nipples quickly became rock hard, sticking out from her flat chest. I broke away from the kiss and moved my mouth down to her chest, taking one nipple into my mouth. I sucked at that tiny titty for several seconds, than moved to the other. I sucked at her hungrily, completely aroused by the thought of once again making out with a schoolgirl in the back of a car.

As I licked and sucked at Sarahs tits, my hand wandered lower on her body. Instead of stopping at her hips, I now rubbed my hand across her hips, onto her legs, and back up. Each time my hand moved back up her body, it also moved in so that I was soon rubbing my hand right past her pussy with each pass. Sarah sucked her breath in with nervous tension each time, and I knew she was as turned on as me.

After sucking on her tits for several minutes, I moved my mouth back to hers, while my hands continued to roam over her stomach, hips, legs and inner thigh. With incredibly slow moves, I worked my hand to her pussy, rubbing it through the fabric of her sports bikini, noting that the patch between her legs was soaked where the rest was nearly dry. Once my fingers found her slit, I didnt move my hand off her pussy. I just continued to finger her through the swimsuit.

Sarah, inexperienced with making out like this, was very tentative in her actions. She kept one hand on my neck as we kissed, and rested the other on my side. Taking a break from playing with her pussy, I moved my hand to Sarahs and guided her toward the waist of my swimsuit. Sarah needed no further encouragement and she slipped her hand into my shorts. She quickly found my cock and grabbed hold of it. As my own hand returned to her pussy, Sarah acted almost on instinct, rubbing my cock as she reacted to the feeling between her legs.

As we moved from second base toward third, I slid my hand into Sarahs swimsuit and worked my fingers back to her pussy lips. She was so wet that I simply slid a finger right into her cunt, resulting in another sharp intake of breath from Sarah. My own breathing was picking up as Sarah started to get the hang of stroking my cock. Her inexperience was actually working in her favor, as her hand roamed all over the shaft and head of my cock. Rather than simply stroking up and down, Sarah was moving her hand all the way up and using pre-cum to lubricate the tip, fervently massaging the head of my cock with her hand and fingers. The feeling of her fingers rubbing at the opening of my dick was incredible, and I was getting more worked up with every move she made.

With her pussy in my hand and my cock in hers, we continued to neck, and I left several hickeys identifying her as mine. Fortunately, they were low on her neck and we had a couple days left before she went to school. We went at it hot and heavy for quite some time, me unwilling to fuck her too quickly, her excited by what she was learning about making out. Eventually, though, instinct pushed us both to go further. As I started to finger fuck Sarah more forcefully, her swimsuit became an obstacle. I grabbed the waist and started to push them down. Sarah helped by raising her hips, allowing me to slide the bottoms over her ass and down her legs.

Sarah responded by pushing on the fabric of my swimsuit, then working herself onto her hands and knees so she could pull them down and off. Once she had my shorts off, she slipped her own bottoms off. She laid back down next to me, and I whispered into her ear, Do you want to fuck, or have me eat you out? She tensed up as a shudder went through her body thinking about my question.

Would you do that here? Eat me out, I mean.

In answer, I told her to turn around and guided her to lay down with her legs straddling my face. I was intoxicated by the scent of her pussy as it came down in front of me, and I immediately raised my head so I could shove my tongue between her lips. Sarah let out a low moan as she felt my mouth come in contact with her, and clenched her legs together as my tongue forced its way inside her. Finding myself once again buried in 10-year old pussy, I attacked Sarahs slit with wild abandon. Grabbing her ass, I pulled her tightly into me so I could push my tongue as far into her cunt as possible. The smell of her juices in my nose was heavenly, and I ate her in sexual bliss.

Sarah was just as aroused as me, and started to put some of her new found experiences to use. As I continued to fuck her pussy with my mouth, she positioned herself so she could lower her mouth onto my cock. It was my turn to suck in my breath as I felt her lips slide over the head and down the shaft of my dick. Unfazed by the different position, Sarah showed how well she could give head. She lubricated my cock with her saliva, then started to bob her head up and down, taking most of my length into her mouth. It was incredible how much she had learned in just a few days, and at 10, she gave some of the best blow-jobs Ive ever had.

I continued to eat Sarahs pussy as she sucked my cock until I could no longer wait to get my dick inside of her. Much as I enjoyed the thought of cumming in Sarahs mouth, again, I wanted to end this by fucking her. I pulled my face out of her pussy and told her to turn back around.

She laid down beside me and I started kissing her immediately. I told her how amazing her blow-job was, then asked her to roll onto her side with her back to me. I then pulled her into me, and started kissing the back of her neck while caressing her tits with one hand. I slid my other hand between us and grabbed my cock and slid it between her legs until it hit her pussy. Already wet from her saliva, it easily slid into the opening of her wet cunt. Once again, Sarah gasped in pleasure as she felt the length of my cock fill her pussy.

Despite a weekend full of cock and dildos, Sarahs pussy was still remarkably tight. The warmth of her cunt on my cock was wonderful, and I started to thrust my hips to force more of my shaft into her tight, hot box. Sarah responded by pushing her ass back into me. She was learning quickly, now, and needed little help doing the right thing. From hand-jobs to blow-jobs to new positions for fucking, my preteen lover was quickly becoming a damned good mistress. Rocking in unified rhythm, Sarah and I fucked like there was no tomorrow.

My hand sought out her titties and I massaged the already stiff nipples, sending new waves of pleasure through Sarahs body. My mouth went to the back of her neck where I left yet another lovers brand. My free hand wandered down her body until it reached her hips. Working my way in, I slid the hand toward her inner thigh, then onto her pubic mound. Sarahs breathing became frantic when my finger found her clit as my cock rammed in and out of her cunt.

I felt Sarahs body begin to tense, and knew that she was soon going to experience a massive orgasm. I pushed my cock as far into her cunt as I could, and began rubbing her clit as quickly as I could. She went wild, and started screaming, completely ignoring that we were in the car. I kept fingering her clit and started to fuck her faster and harder. The pounding on her pussy pushed the climax up a notch, and Sarah began to writhe in my arms.

Every time wed fucked in the past, I had my orgasm before Sarah, so she was able to recover quickly after climaxing. This time, it had only been a short time since Id fucked her sister, and I was still rock hard. I used that to my advantage and continued to screw Sarah through her orgasm. I did take my hand off her pussy so she could recover just a bit, but continued to pound my cock deep inside her. Sarah rode the waves of an orgasm that seemed to last forever.

When it looked like she was beginning to come down, my hand went back to her pussy so I could again rub her clit with quick, forceful motions. Each time I did so, Sarah went wild. The contractions in her cunt signaled just how massive her orgasms were. After perhaps 15 minutes of near constant climax, Sarah was sweating and exhausted. Aware that she was nearly wiped out, I took my hand off her pussy, grabbed her hips, and fucked her with raw energy. She climaxed one final time as I reached my own orgasm and dumped my cum into her young cunt.

Fortunately we were already laying in the back of the vehicle, or Sarah would have collapsed. As it was, the release of sexual tension caused her to fall back into my arms. I lay there with her in my arms, gently kissing her neck and shoulders, squeezing her tight into my body. Sarahs cunt continued to contract around my cock until her orgasms completely subsided. As they did, my cock started going limp and it slid out of Sarahs still tight hole.

After my cock popped out of her, Sarah rolled over and grabbed me in her arms. She didnt say anything, but put her head on my chest. When she finally looked up at me, I saw her eyes were wet.

Whats wrong, honey, I asked, concerned.

Nothing. That was just crazy. Im not even sure why Im crying. She was so tired her response was little more than a whisper, a big difference from the screams she had been letting out shortly before.

Whispering back, I said, Dont worry about it, then. That sometimes happens when something is so good. The soft touch of my breath on her ear made her quiver as another small spasm went through her pussy.

She leaned into me, again, saying, God, Tom, that really was awesome. Im glad we could do it.

I hugged her tightly into me, then found her mouth with mine, giving her one more slow, deep, passionate kiss. After the kiss, I answered, I enjoyed it too, sweetheart. You really are amazing, and I hope we can keep exploring things together.

We both relaxed on the floor of the SUV, exhausted from our sexual encounter. Not surprisingly, we fell asleep in each others arms and slept the rest of the way home. After the short nap, we woke up when Kelly and Cassie hopped out of the car in the garage. We grabbed the various clothing items wed left strewn about the vehicle and climbed out the back.

Cassie, looking at Sarahs naked body, commented that she was already dressed for the house. Then, to Sarah, she added, It sounded like you enjoyed yourself as much as I enjoyed the wave pool.

Without even blushing, Sarah hugged Cassie to her and replied, Isnt fucking Tom great? And you still get him the rest of the night.

Cassie smiled at that prospect, and said, I hope you didnt tire him out too much, then headed into the house, stripping as she went. Sarah, already naked, glistening from all of the cum on her body, went right after. Kelly, also stripping, followed her now nude daughters into the house, leaving me to bring up, and watch, the rear.

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