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Carl, Carla and Hannah – Part 8

As we drove to work the next morning, Hannah told me to meet her in reception at twelve so we could go shopping. Because the office ran a flexi-time approach to lunch hours, and provided the time was made up, staff were allowed to lunch between twelve and two. So, at one minute past twelve we met and headed out into town. The cool air round my legs felt different through the tights, but by now I was fairly confident that no one would give me a second glance, especially with Hannah beside me.

‘Right,’ she said as we walked down New Street towards the Pallisades, ‘we need to get you some sort of wardrobe together. You can’t keep borrowing my clothes, so you need to get your own. C’mon, we’ll try here first.’

Before I had time to protest, she almost dragged me into a department store and headed straight for the ladies section. I was so embarrased, I tried to hide myself away, but Hannah was having none of it. She kept picking things out, asking what I thought and getting slightly angry when I was non-committal. After a few minutes she took me to one side.

‘Look,’ she almost hissed, ‘We’re here for you. I’m not going to waste my lunch time if you’re not going to at least try, so either you take a bit more interest or I’ll leave you alone to get your own damned clothes!’

The thought of shopping for women’s clothes on my own filled me with dread, so I sheepishly apologised and said that I’d try.

‘Good,’ she said. ‘Now, let’s start with some underwear.’

Hannah lead me across to the lingerie section, which, if we’d been there for her, would have interested me more. However, the thought of buying my own was a slight turn on and soon I was looking at the various bras, panties, camisoles and sets with a different eye. I wasn’t sure of my size, but Hannah told me I was a 34B in bras and a 32 waist in panties. Or at least, the ones I’d been wearing were that size. I couldn’t believe I was a B-cup, but Hannah told me that was the size of the inserts I had.

As I looked at the various styles and designs of bras, a couple caught my eye. I picked out a few that I liked and showed them to Hannah, and she agreed with a couple of them. She told me to think practical, to choose something for day-to-day wear that would be comfortable. I had the other three sets at home for special occasions. As my interest increased, I could see that she was pleased that I was taking it seriously. Once I had three bras we were both happy with, she told me to choose some panties, preferably in packs. I chose two packs of five of different design that looked attractive and comfortable. Hannah picked up a couple of packs of tights and some stockings.

We moved through the ladies section, and Hannah helped me pick out a couple of skirts. She was being incredibly sensitive and not making it obvious that the items we were looking at were for me, but even so, I was extremely aware of the other women around us. After about half an hour, I’d added a couple of blouses, a few tops and even a full length dress to my collection as we stood in the queue. Thankfully, Hannah paid for the purchases (we have a joint account), and I thought we’d done. However, Hannah said we had just a couple of more things to get before we went back, and the next thing I know, I’m in a cheap shoe shop.

I wasn’t happy but Hannah insisted I try on some shoes. Red faced with shame, with Hannah’s help I selected a pair of black court shoes with a low heel that fitted fairly well, along with a pair of strap sandals with a two inch heels. Just as we were about to pay, Hannah spotted a pair of shiny, red high heels that she insisted I try on. Unfortunately they were too small, but Hannah asked the assistant if she had the next size up. These fitted perfectly, and a few minutes later, to my immense relief, we were outside with our packages.

The next port of call was the Bullring, where Hannah took me into the market place. She stopped at a stall that sold wigs and extensions, and chose a couple of wigs for me of different lengths, along with some extensions. This time she made me pay for them, but the girl who served us was wonderful, and I didn’t feel too embarrassed. While we were in there, we also picked up a couple of cheap necklaces and bangles, along with a ring or two. After a long trip to the chemists for what seemed like an obscene amount of make-up, I trudged back to the car to drop off the mountain of shopping into the boot while Hannah headed back to the office. We would both be working late tonight.

After spanking the credit card so much, I couldn’t wait to try on the new clothes. I found myself lost in a daydream, imagining what the combination of different skirts and blouses looked like on me. When one of my colleagues called me to ask me something, they had to say my name two or three times before I realised they were talking to me. Because when I was lost in my thoughts, in my mind I was Carla, not Carl. I even found myself wanting to mince down the corridor when I went to the loo like I did at home, and caught myself just in time to stop.

Because I arrived back at the office after Hannah, I knew that I would be the last one out at the end of the day. Therefore, I expected Hannah to be waiting in the car for me, but when I arrived she was nowhere to be seen. I rang her mobile, concerned for her, but got no answer. I sat in the car for a few minutes and tried her again. No reply. I was just about to go back and look for her when she came round the corner, looking more than a little flushed and agitated.

As we drove home, I asked her why she was late. Hannah excitedly told me what had happened to make her late. Apparently, Claire had called her into her office once the other staff had gone home. They sat and chatted for a few minutes before, out of the blue, Claire got up and kissed her. She didn’t know what to do, but she found herself responding. She told me the kiss had felt so familiar that she couldn’t help herself. Soon Claire reached down and started to fondle her breasts and Hannah found herself helpless to resist. Before she knew it, Claire had started to unbutton her blouse.

It was when she had broken the kiss and stood there with her blouse undone that Hannah suddenly realised the danger of the situation, in both senses. She said ‘no’ to Claire, but the woman didn’t seem to hear.

‘If you’re worried about being discovered, that’s okay,’ she said as she went and put the Yale latch down on the door and drew the blinds.

‘No, we shouldn’t Claire,’ said Hannah, ‘My boyfriend’s waiting for me.’

But before she knew it, she was back in the other woman’s arms, responding to her kisses in kind. She too let her hands wander, caressing Claire’s breasts through her cream blouse. Once Claire had managed to prise her hand inside Hannah’s bra, Hannah knew that she was trapped by her own desires. Claire managed to slip her hands round and unclasp Hannah’s bra. A moment later, Hannah was moaning as the other woman sucked greedily on her nipples, holding her head and feeding them to her like a baby.

While she pleasured Hannah’s breasts, Claire put her hand up her skirt and rubbed her mound through her knickers, causing Hannah to moan even louder. Worried that someone would hear, Hannah had to force herself to keep quiet as Claire pulled her panties to one side and slipped two fingers inside her sopping pussy, sliding them in and out of her until she felt her muscles contract. Hannah bit on her finger to stifle the yelp of pleasure as Claire brought her off, not releasing her until she felt Hannah relax under her onslaught.

As she released her soaking mound, Claire guided Hannah back to her chair where she gratefully collapsed. Then Claire sat on her desk opposite her and, looking Hannah squarely in the eye, sucked on her slick, coated fingers.

‘Mmm, it’s been a while since I’ve tasted that,’ she said, licking the last of her juices from her hand. ‘I can see that you enjoyed it too. Just like old times, eh?’

Hannah didn’t know what to do, her head in turmoil from the orgasm she’d just had and the situation she’d found herself in. Instinct made her fasten her bra and button up her blouse before she answered.

‘Yes,’ she said, slightly shamefacedly. ‘It certainly was unexpected. But very nice.’

‘You only have to say, Hannah, and we can do it again,’ Claire replied, desire written across her face.

Hannah thought for a moment as she regained her composure. Now she was reminded of the pleasure that Claire could give her, her libido kicked in. After all, I’d virtually given her permission to have an affair with Claire, so why not seize the opportunity?

‘I think I’d like that too, but not here.’

She looked at Claire for a moment, smiling confidently. Hannah stood up and walked the couple of steps to her boss, took her head in her hands and held it to her bosom.

‘Somewhere private,’ she said softly, ‘Somewhere where I can lay you down and fuck the sweet ass off you like I used to, and then make you lick me out until your tongue is sore. Would you like that?’

She almost felt her tremble as she held her close.

‘Oh God, yes, yes please,’ she murmured.


Hannah released her, turned and walked slowly but assuredly towards the door. As she undid the latch, she turned back to face her.

‘Then give me your address and phone number and we’ll arrange for me to come round. Friday’s good for me.’

And with that, she left, grabbed her things and came to the car.

I listened mesmerised as she told me, trying to imagine the scene whilst dodging the rush hour traffic. When we got home, Hannah told me to take all the packages we’d bought earlier into the spare bedroom while she put the kettle on. I’d almost forgotten about the clothes, being so wrapped up in her account of her boss fingering her to orgasm.

When I came back downstairs, Hannah told me to go shave, shower and do my make-up. Soon after, as I was walking out of the bathroom naked, I heard her call me from the spare bedroom.

‘In here,’ she said.

I walked in to find my new clothes out of their packaging and hung on coat hangers, the lingerie and hair stuff on the bed and the make-up on the table. There was also a mirror on the table and a small lamp, along with a cup of tea.

‘I think we’ll keep your things in here, that way they won’t get mixed up. In fact, we’ll make this your room from now on so you can get dressed in here without disturbing me. Yes, this will be Carla’s room. Now, let’s get started. Try the underwear on first.’

Her no-nonsense tone told me that it would be no use arguing, so I tried a couple of pairs of knickers on to make sure they fitted and then the bras. Hannah handed me the inserts, and I must admit, they all felt fairly comfortable. Then she got me to it down and do my make-up before trying on the new wigs and hair extensions. One wig fitted really well and looked quite good, and Hannah agreed that it suited me. Then she sat me on the bed and carefully plucked some of my eyebrows. Not much, just enough to make my face look a little more feminine without being too obvious when I’m Carl.

Once I’d tried on the skirts and blouses, we were both famished. Hannah told me to freshen up my lipstick while she cooked us something up, and then come downstairs in my new court shoes.

After dinner, Hannah had me cleaning my room and tidying it up while she watched, showing me how to bend at the knees and be feminine at all times. She complimented me on how easily I’d seemed to taken to it, and I beamed with pride. When I was done, we went downstairs, put the dishes away and had another cup of tea. We chatted for a while about the shopping trip. I told Hannah that I was pleased with the things we’d bought, and once I’d got into it, kind of enjoyed shopping with her. Hannah smiled, and then squinted at me, questioningly.

‘You know, Carla, you’ve taken to this much better than I thought you would. Are you sure you’ve never done anything like this before?’

‘No, honestly,’ I replied. ‘For some reason, it just seemed to come naturally. I have to admit, I am enjoying it, especially as we’re doing it together. And when we made love last night, it opened my eyes to a whole new world.’

‘Well, I’m glad you’re okay with it.’

I thought for a moment. Hannah sensed something was not right, and asked me what was the matter.

‘It’s just, at times I get confused. Like at work today, I was so busy thinking about trying on my new clothes that I forgot where I was. James had to say my name two or three times before I realised he was talking to me. It’s almost as if that, when I’m like this, I am a different person, I am Carla. And that scares me. What if I like this too much? Who the hell am I then?’

She regarded me for a moment and then came over and hugged me. To my surprise, tears formed in my eyes and I started to cry as she held me in her arms.

‘It’s okay, darling,’ she cooed, ‘it’s okay. You’re still my baby.’

She released me and held me at arms length, studying my face.

‘Look, if this is too much, then we could forget it. After all, now that you’re okay with me and Claire, you don’t have to go through with it anymore. Especially if it’s upsetting you.’

Turning away from her, I lowered my face and thought about it. Was it too much? Did I really want to go through with this? Was I happy dressing up as a woman? My emotions ran topsy-turvy through me as I thought about the last few days. On the one hand, I’d really enjoyed it. The incredible sex, the closeness I felt with Hannah, even the shopping had kind of been fun. And as Hannah had said, it all seemed to come naturally to me. On the other, I was scared of losing myself, my masculinity, the thing that made me who I was. But who was I? At the moment, I really didn’t know. What I did know was that, from the moment I got home from work and went upstairs, I was Carla. I wasn’t playing a part or dressing for fun or doing it to please Hannah, I simply felt feminine.

And deep down, I knew I didn’t want to lose that feeling. With that realisation, I suddenly became aware of the possible consequences of choosing to keep Carla. It would mean hours of being afraid to step out of the house like this. It could mean ridicule if people found out. It could mean losing friends and maybe even relatives if my secret ever got further than the front door. Would I be able to go through the shame and humiliation of all that?

I looked up at Hannah’s loving face, her concern for me written all over it. I suppose she felt responsible for all this. I knew she loved me though, and I knew I could depend on her for support and love. With her, I was prepared to go through anything. Our love would see this through, no matter where it went.

‘Hannah,’ I said finally, ‘I don’t want to give it up. You’ve helped me discover a part of me that I never knew existed, and I love it. Here, now, with you, being like this feels perfectly natural to me. I am Carla, and I want to stay being Carla, at least when I’m with you. If you’ll have me.’

This time, Hannah started to cry.

‘Oh yes, my love, yes,’ she sobbed. ‘Of course I’ll have you. Always, no matter what.’

We held each other for a few minutes as we sobbed before we both reached for hankies to wipe our eyes.

‘Besides,’ I half-chuckled, ‘I don’t think we can take all these clothes back now and say they don’t fit!’

She laughed and we hugged again. Looking back on it, I now realise that that was the exact moment that Hannah and I became not just a couple, but girlfriends as well. I honestly believe that after that, she always regarded me as her girlfriend, even when I was Carl. Something had changed. In a way, it was if a small dam had burst, and now we were going into the big river of life together on a slightly different course than we were before. And who knew where it would lead us. Wherever it was, at least we were going to face it together. 

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