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New rules 4

Introduction: After a month away, during which I have learnt to enjoy our new rules, my husband is due home. This is the sequel to New Rules 1 to 3. Read them first. The month was almost over. Fred was in San Francisco and would be boarding his flight home in a few hours. We […]

Nothing Butt Friends

The phone call came through in the middle of the night, while I slept. It must have rang five times and then it went into my voicemail, waiting until the morning for me to see it. It was her. It had to be. The number on my call display was from overseas, and from what […]

Was it a Dream? Ch 1

‘My name is, Kandikiss51, I’m a writer here on Lush. I do it for the joy of writing, plus the fact it makes people feel good and by feel good I mean masturbate. I had just posted a story about phone sex. Another lush writer named Michael, left me a comment. “Great phone call, I […]

The Joys of Penetration Part 2

I recommend reading “The Joys of Penetration Part 1” before reading Part 2. Marty, my childhood friend, had just been the recipient of the first blow-job I had ever given. As I was reveling in the euphoria of the feeling of control the act had given me, Marty made it clear that my initiation into […]


While away on a business trip that lasted over a weekend I decided to waste some time by the pool on a bright Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately most of the other guests had the same idea and the pool area was very crowded. I did find a vacant lounge chair however, one of the advantages of […]

My Naughty Dream

On nights like these when I’m horny and all alone, I’ll find my cutest skirt and top, my favorite toys, and sometimes a nice naughty online video. I’ll sit back, close my eyes, and work myself up…..touching and rubbing all over. I’ll slowly massage a finger tip of lube into the very outer edge of […]

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