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Thats My Wife

Introduction: What would you do if you saw pictures of your wife nude on the Internet? Fbailey story number 504 Thats My Wife I stumbled upon a web site where pictures of girlfriends and wives get posted for the entire World to view. I looked through the previous weeks worth of postings and found one […]

The Agent part 1

Introduction: The agent comes home and takes the 19 year old naked girl out of her cage… The agent came home from a lookout mission. He had been away all day and still wore his business suit. He went to her cage and took her out. She was naked and had been kneeling all day, […]

Holiday Orgy

Introduction: Sex with a group of teenagers A couple of summers ago my wife Kate and I went on a beach holiday to Spain. We stayed in a rather mixed high rise hotel. When I say mixed it was rather rough at times having a strange mixture of couples, families and young boisterous adults in […]

Tias Surprise

Before she left the house, she checked herself once more in the mirror. Tia had green-blue eyes, and light brown hair with soft caramel highlights. She had impeccable curves. She was a 38C, and proud. Not only did guys want her, but girls did too. She smiled. She wore her gray short shorts, black heels, […]

Born Today

Introduction: Harry Brock teach the hard lessons to his unfaithful young wife. **co-writing with my friend from Imagefap, Reddwarf** **base from the incident in the movie named Born Yesterday(1993)** Born Yesterday was a 1993 remake of a classic movie starring Melanie Griffith and John Goodman as Harold. At the end of this movie, Billie (Griffith) […]


Introduction: New wife puts her husband through medical school byh taking a high paying job that requires that she have sex with her boss and his clients WHORE WIFE THE BURNING QUESTION AM I, OR AM I NOT: She rang the doorbell of the Beverly Hills Hotel suite and waited, looking gorgeous, voluptuous and ultra-hot […]

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