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An Anal Adventure

Clive was a happy man. No, he was ecstatic! It was 11:30am and he was driving home from his office after only having completed the same trip in reverse, less than three hours ago. Those three hours, however, had been unexpected and exciting ones. His boss had asked to see him almost as soon as […]

Afternoon Delight

One afternoon I got home early from work and surprised my lover in bed pleasuring himself. Helpful creature that I am, I offered to help him with his job if he’d give me a back scrub to freshen up first. The kind soul agreed and we jumped into the shower immediately. Of course, his lust […]

After Dinner

Dinner was fabulous. Candlelight and soft music in the background. Salmon fettuccine for you and Ahi-Ahi Tuna for me. You looked even more beautiful than usual, in that tight-fitting dress that showed off your hips and waist. The low cut front and the new bra added even more cleavage to your already ample breasts. I […]

Anal Pleasure

TRUE STORY (please post reviews and vote) My name Is Josh I was 18 years old and my girlfriends name was Ashley. She was the queen of my high school. She was hot and smart. I was a soccer player. I was 5’11”, brown eyes and black hair. We had been dating for over 2 […]

Anal Revenge

Traci opened the door to the bar and stepped into its dimness. As she scanned the room she knew immediately she was over dressed for the place, but what the hell. She knew she looked good and that was what she needed right now. That and a stiff drink. She made her way to the […]

Anal Love

“Arrrggghhhhhh! FUCK!!!” Caroline cried loudly through her gritted teeth. Her body tensed as my cock penetrated deep inside her anal passage, her tender flesh wrapped tightly around my shaft. I pulled out slightly and reached down below my cock to probe her pussy lips. I was not surprised to find my fingers slick with her […]

Anal Awakening

She wakes, quietly but thoroughly, her hand cupping one soft, breast, the nipple hard and elongated beneath her palm. Her fingers sweep out and under, trailing butterfly touches along the sensitive underside of her breast. Squeezing gently, her eyes seek the stiff red tip, measuring the length of her arousal. Her dreams are wisps of […]

Anal Annie

There are all kinds of customers that enter Busty Bab’s House of Pleasure. There are the married couples that are looking for something to “spice up” their marriage, the eighteen year old seniors that think their going to “get some” on Prom Night, and there are the dating couples that are so close to getting […]

Anal at Last

“Oh yeah, that’s it!” Mandy moaned into my ear. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” My girlfriend’s hands clawed at my back, as she screamed her way through her second orgasm of the night. I could feel her pussy getting wetter, as I plunged in and out. She grabbed my head and pulled me down, shoving her […]

Anniversary Present

Part One With hot shower water still steaming off of him, he looks down at the clothes laid out on the bed — the usual trousers, white shirt and tie, socks… “Honey?” he shouts into the next room. A few seconds later his wife appears, poking her pale, bright eyed face through the doorway. She […]

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