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Anal Surprise

It was getting late, we were both pretty tired after a long Monday. We had just finished watching a movie and killing a bottle of wine. My wife’s back was stiff and sore, however, and she suggested the hot tub for just a few minutes. This is a sure fire relaxer and sleep inducer for […]

Anal Training

The following is based on real events. As it has been sometime since it occurred, the events are most likely a blending of several sessions between my former anal trainer and myself. However they are as accurate a recounting of my experience and his skills as possible to the best of my memory. Please do […]

Anal Virgin

Lauren examined her body carefully in the mirror. Tonight was special and she had to look perfect. She ran her hands gently over her round breasts, pausing to linger on her hard nipples. She continued moving her hand south across her flat stomach and into her soft and smooth pussy searching for her clit. It […]

Anal Virginity

“It would hurt so bad.” Vanessa told me. ” I mean that’s an out hole not an in!” “I guess.” I said “But… she likes it.” I finished pointing at a picture online of a blonde girl with her ass in the air and a large vibrator inside of it. “That picture probably isn’t even […]

Backdoor Delivery

Anne’s head swam as she heard the knock on the kitchen door. Her eyes darted to the clock, it was 11am exactly. The kids were at school, and Tony was conducting an audit 50 miles away and wouldn’t be back till late. Nervously, she tugged at the hem of her short denim skirt, and opened […]

At Last

It finally happened! I finally had a thick hard cock buried up to the balls in my willing open ass! I’ve had an anal fixation for years, but my husband was afraid of hurting me, anytime we’d tried it just was too painful for me, and so we stopped trying. But I was determined and […]

Ass Worship

I am, and always will be, an ass-man. Almost every time I’m with my lover, I ensure her sweet little ass gets plenty of attention. I probably dwell there a little too long for her liking, but it is an urge I find impossible to resist. Aria is in great shape from regular visits to […]


I just got back from the most incredible birthday party I ever had. It was just me and two of my best friends (both women) and the gifts they gave me were amazing. It all began with Linda, my ex-lover. She’s 45 and divorced. I’m 26 and single. We were together a few years after […]

Birthday Anal

It was my birthday. I spent half the afternoon getting ready, not because there was that much to do, but because I find the process relaxing. Shaving my legs, my bikini line, the innermost creases of my thighs, and the delicate skin around my most special parts, moisturizing, and meticulously applying makeup, though nothing too […]

Birthday Girl

Vanessa stood nervously before the elevator. She had just moved to Vancouver from a small town in Saskatchewan a little less than a year ago and her relatively new group of friends had been repeatedly telling her over the last few weeks that they had a ritual whenever someone turned twenty. They wouldn’t give any […]

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