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Holiday Orgy

Introduction: Sex with a group of teenagers A couple of summers ago my wife Kate and I went on a beach holiday to Spain. We stayed in a rather mixed high rise hotel. When I say mixed it was rather rough at times having a strange mixture of couples, families and young boisterous adults in […]

A nurses story

Im a slut, Carol Wilson concluded. I am discreet, to be sure, but I am a sexually promiscuous woman just the same. These thoughts were racing through Carols mind as she stood at her nursing station late one night. Carol was a senior nursing supervisor at a major hospital in Chapel Hill and was working […]

The Ugly Duckling Pt. 1

Introduction: 16 yo Lina enjoys her first real sexuell experience at a weekend sports tournament with one of the Trainers after being aroused by listing to her friend having sex Have you ever heard the story of the ugly duckling? The one that is bullied around by the other kids because it is different or […]

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