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The Airport.

Introduction: All Rights Go To Zane. The Airport by Zane From The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth Copyright1997, 1998, 1999 All Rights Reserved You meet me at the airport right on time after my return flight from Jamaica. Even though I had a great time vacationing with my friends, I can hardly wait to see […]

A manly man

Introduction: My first story Hey Ried I need you to take a look at this for me. If I had a coin for everytime I heard this I wouldnt need this job I thought. Sure Duke but your gonna have to let me finish this last phone call Being a trial attorney certainly has its […]

Family Affair

Introduction: Byron enjoyed his brother in laws ass while his wife and mother-in-law were up to some sweet moves as well… Byron and Omar started up the trail. It was blistering even at that hour in the evening but this was a daily ritual for the two to hike up the side of the mountain […]

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