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A Game of Cards

We spent the day clothes shopping for me. You seemed to really enjoy it, and you made it bearable for me. I felt self conscious about how I looked, and my lack of fashion sense, but you created an atmosphere of fun and lightheartedness. I felt very grateful towards you, and would have done anything […]

A Gentle Awakening

Please note the “boy” in the story is 18 years old just very shy and very inexperienced. * He walked over to her where she stood nervously against the door. He grinned his little kid grin and reached his arms forward to take her by the hips and draw her closer. His nose brushed against […]

A Fullmoon Night

It was a gloomy night filled with a mournful silence as we sat together, him and me, a long time after mid night. We were both sitting in his veranda which seemed a secluded temple that night. We sat beside each other but each isolated in his own mind. It had been hours since either […]

A Gipsy at the Door

It was way back in the early 1950's, but the memory remains so strong. As it should. Surely no one ever forgets their first sexual experience, whether it be with shame, disappointment or pure joy it has to fix itself into the memory bank. After all those decades, I can still classify that time as […]

A French Connection

To say that Peter was a Francophile was probably an exaggeration but he did like France and had spent a lot of time there on business, albeit mainly in and around Paris. But Paris wasn't the real France – not the beautiful rural part of central France oft overlooked by the once-a-year visitor and on […]

A Freshman Gains Experience

Marjorie Foster, usually called Margie, is from a small town and is finding her Freshman year at the very large State University to be a difficult experience. The size and complexity is intimidating. The large number of people all with their own agenda bustling around her leaves her rather lonely. The only other students there […]

A Friend For Life

A giant thanks to my second pair of eyes from Across the Pond, Irfon. *** All characters are portrayed over the age of eighteen. *** “Man, Kristen has got an ass on her. You can't believe what we did last night. I've got that bitch sucking my dick like a pro.” Jason smiled and nudged […]

A Fond Farewell

The snow was falling heavily and here I was visiting my colleague Steffi for the last time. I had just returned from a Christmas visit with my parents and was back in the small town where I'd worked as a co-op student for the past 8 months. Steffi was my age but had been there […]

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