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A First Time Model

I work for Express Deliveries, and had a new address to deliver today. I walked up to the door and knocked, she opened the door. “Hello I’m Icey Fire,” she said “Well aren’t you a tall one.” The gal speaking was of average height about 5’ 4” Blonde hair and blue eyes, and pretty well […]

A First With Gloria

Hi, this is my first attempt at this so please let me know what you think. This is a fictitious situation but I would expect its happening everywhere as you read this. My name is Ray, I was 18 and brought up in a small country village, my parents Emma and Charles were quite conventional […]

A First Fantasy

Okay, so how y'all doing. This story is going to be a little different from most, in that it is an actual fantasy of mine, and not a fictional piece. So let me start by giving you a little background. I am a virgin. Yes, you read that correctly. Despite all the stories I have […]

A Double Storm

A searing sun caressed ripe and ready cornfields. Rich yellow heated to a dusted tawny. Tall stalks flaunted their swelling seed to the sun's power. Silence enveloped the land. Nothing moved— Except Peter Grover, and he loved it all. Loved the heat, the scorching fecund fields, the dry aroma of sun-toasted corn, the quiet, the […]

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