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Introduction: Young woman is kidnapped and tortured Please go gentle, this is my very first sex story. The beginning of this is all about the torture and dominance so there isnt very much actual sex but there will be a lot more coming. She allowed her head briefly to rest on the shower wall, feeling […]

Forced Family

Introduction: Familys unwanted sexual awakening has just begun The Elliott family was one of the nicest families on their block. John and Jackie had been high school sweethearts. Jackie had gotten pregnant at 17 so the two of them got married. John had already graduated and was working full-time while attending community college part-time. They […]

Special Bond-Long Weekend at the Lake Chapt 1-27 (Revised)

Introduction: RJ and Candy Make New Discoveries A SPECIAL BOND Long Weekend at the Lake ___________________________________ No institution or agency may use this work for other than the intended purpose to provide personal entertainment. All characters are fictional. This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy. Its called My Right of Free Speech. If you […]

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