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A Bed of Dreams

I was asleep in your bed, naked of course. I woke up because I felt very uncomfortable, not being fully awake I couldn't work out what was wrong with me? I remember feeling very frightened at that point, because I couldn't move my legs or arms? I am now wide awake and find my arms […]

A Birthday Adventure

I haven't posted for a while, sweeties, because there hasn't been much to report on, sexually speaking. I have had to deal with some insane life circumstances. But last summer I had a great experience I'm dying to relate, one of the true highlights of my life as a slutty college girl. I have a […]

A Bed of Nails

She followed her Sir into the room. She was wearing a brocade corset, long skirt, and high heels. She was hobbled and walked in small steps giving her pause to ensure she did not fall at any moment. He introduced her to the Mistress and then he sat in an easy chair to watch. She […]

A Birthday Epistle Ch. 4

Lady Suzy watches and enjoys her little scene as John's predicament takes a new turn, and he learns to witness the world from the dogs eye view! * * * * * With no time to neither think nor stretch, he responded immediately and felt the clipping of a leash to his collar. Placing her […]

A Belittled Couple

George was a hard man, and a professional gambler. A long winning streak on the tables and at the track had left him considerably wealthy. Not wishing to push his luck any further, he had retired from the gambling scene and now loaned money to whoever needed it. George also possessed a massive sex drive […]

A Birthday Epistle Ch. 1-2

In this rewrite of the first chapter you will find many changes and additions from Lady Suzy as john tells how he felt when she accepted his challenge to provide a very special birthday present for him after she read his Epistle detailing his darkest fantasies. An unforgettable birthday present, but for whom? Read on, […]

A Better Master

How many times over the years had He made use of my ass, either with His own thick cock or with one of the anal toys in the collection? i could never begin to count, but i would guess that it would be over one hundred times during the first two years of marriage, plus […]

A Birthday Epistle Ch. 3

Leaving him to enjoy the bondage he had begged in his Epistle, she stole as quietly as she could to the kitchen. After rummaging around for a few moments, she returned. Watching him struggling to maintain his position for her pleased her immensely. His head turned toward her footfalls and she rushed ahead. Taking an […]

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