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A Bed of Nails

She followed her Sir into the room. She was wearing a brocade corset, long skirt, and high heels. She was hobbled and walked in small steps giving her pause to ensure she did not fall at any moment. He introduced her to the Mistress and then he sat in an easy chair to watch. She […]

A Belittled Couple

George was a hard man, and a professional gambler. A long winning streak on the tables and at the track had left him considerably wealthy. Not wishing to push his luck any further, he had retired from the gambling scene and now loaned money to whoever needed it. George also possessed a massive sex drive […]

A Better Master

How many times over the years had He made use of my ass, either with His own thick cock or with one of the anal toys in the collection? i could never begin to count, but i would guess that it would be over one hundred times during the first two years of marriage, plus […]

A Big Mistake Ch. 02

Letter from author: This story is about blackmail, female domination and humiliation. If this is not what you like, please go read another story. Don't read it then trash it in the comment section please. If you like that, please enjoy. I encourage feedback, good and bad as long as it's constructive. It helps me […]

A Big Mistake

Missy was the hottest thing Larry had ever seen. Just 19 years old, she stood nearly six feet tall, a trait inherited from dad's side of the family. Her long tone legs were swallowed up by a spectacularly firm round ass. Her smooth flat stomach gave way to a perfect set of D cup tits […]

A Big Mistake Ch. 03

This story is about female domination, blackmail and humiliation. If this is not your cup of tea, please move on. If that excites you, I hope you enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated, good and bad, if it is constructive. * Claire arrived home and was as horny as could be. All afternoon she had been […]

A Big Mistake Ch. 04

This story is about female domination, blackmail and humiliation. If you don't enjoy that, please go read another story. For those of you who do enjoy that, I hope you like it. Please feel free to send feedback, both good and bad as long as it is constructive. Goamz86 Now that Missy felt she had […]

5000 Words Ch. 03

All right, gentle readers, after ten years of reading the stories on this lovely site I have decided to pop my cherry and submit something. Please be gentle *head back, back of my wrist to my forehead*. I welcome, crave, desire, want and need feedback BUT please be constructive at least. Constructive: did you know […]

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