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A Bad Girl Ch. 01

A Bad Girl Part 1: The Awakening Or: You gotta be cruel to be kind I went to a Catholic girl’s school, where we were under strict orders to dress and behave with exemplary modesty. When our plaid skirts rose above the knees we considered it daring. Nowadays there’s a lot of guff about “letting […]

53 Days

“So, how many days has it been, now?” I brushed away a fine hair that had been tickling my nose and thought for a moment. “Fifty three days so far,” I answered. She had one leg over my shoulder, and I planted several small kisses along her warm thigh, my other hand idly caressing her […]

A Bad Feminist

Not a man-hater so much as completely indifferent, couldn't care less, don't blame them they're only children. Girls chase boys in the playground, we always won. My mother was the one with the spade, the hammer and nails, the electric drill; my sister and I playing rugby, football, cricket, cars. And there's me in the […]

5:11 Train Ch. 01

I re-applied my crimson red lipstick and curled my last piece of long thick dark brown hair, I slipped into a black mini skirt which only just covered my curvaceous ass and a tiny red singlet which stretched around my large D cup breasts, it was cold outside so I pulled on some black knee […]

A Bad Boy's Punishment

This is Part 2 of my fantasy on what happens when an angel meets a stranger aka the sequel to Naughty Theatrics. Thank you for your sweet comment and feedback on my first story. I never expected more than 1500 views in the first five days. I hope you enjoy this one as much if […]

A Beauty Salon Tale Ch. 02

I can never decide which category to choose for my stories. All of my tales involve Dominance and Submission. Since there is no such category, I'm adding some whips and chains, maybe a pillory, to the end of this Tale. * * * * * I waited in the lobby area of the empty salon, […]

787 Amethyst Dr.

Mandy Rivers sat down on the leather love seat that she had possessed for the past two decades. Ms. Rivers was regrettably single and had not been laid in almost three years. She was 42 years old and the abstinence of sex was not by her own choosing. Two kids, a miserable divorce, and hyperactive […]

A Bad Case of the Tingles

Karl and Joan finished their dinner and sat back to talk. As they shared the highs and lows of their day, Joan became more and more distracted. She was visibly fidgeting in her chair. Finally, she could take it no longer. “Talking about these mundane things makes me want to tackle you!” Joan ate Karl […]

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