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Doing the Laundry

Laundry rooms make me horny. When I first started college I came home unexpectedly and saw my Mom getting fucked hard by a neighbor in our laundry room, bent over the dryer and moaning with each stroke. Then she turned around and jerked him off until he came all over her tits. It was shocking, […]


I spend a lot of time cruising the Internet looking at porn.  I don’t care about kinky stuff, and I am bored by professional porn workers.  What I like is true amateur porn, people who put their photos and movies on the web because they enjoy sex and find it exciting to show that pleasure […]

Pleasing a stranger

Leaving work you’re heading for your car on the third floor of the parking garage. It’s late, and the garage is dimly lit, with only a few remaining cars left. You’ve been flirting with a guy at work, and you’re kinda feeling giggly as you rummage through your purse for your keys. Not paying any […]

Revenge Against Luke

Introduction: Me and my friends sister, alone… ————————————————————————————- Comment if you want…. Now, enjoy! ————————————————————————————- Revenge Against Luke Luke was a twat. Thats all I thought of him. A complete bastard. I absolutely hated him. He thinks hes hard and that everyone wants to be his friend and that hes so popular. But when his […]

A Bad-Stepmother

Introduction: A step-mother surrenders to taboo desires. ** Hello. This IS A COMPLETE WORK OF FICTION. FICTION. FICTION. It contains incest between a Step-mother and her Son. If that is not something you feel comfortable reading, then I suggest you choose another story to read. It is not intended to offend, so if you will […]

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