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Finding Travis Ch. 05

Brent Kennedy woke Travis to a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, orange juice and toast. “I looked at your bus schedule the other day. You have a long trip ahead of you.” Travis nodded while shoveling in another helping of fried eggs. “It's about twelve hours I think.” He lifted a forkful of egg. […]

Finally a Woman

Tonight was finally the night for Lana. She had been dreaming of this night for so many years. Ever since she was 12 she knew who she really was. When she was 14 she started working part time as a babysitter and mowing lawns preparing for this night. She never told her parents what she […]

Finding Travis Ch. 04

On Sunday morning Travis decided he needed to take a real hike. He'd been walking five to eight miles a day between work and school but he wanted to see what his pack was going to feel like on his back with his gear inside. Loading it with all his stuff and then throwing in […]

Finally Got Him

When I heard the car door, I grabbed her plate of food and put it in the microwave, so it would be ready about a minute after she came inside. It wasn't cold, and I had turned a bowl upside down over it to keep it warm after getting her text that she'd be late. […]

Fiona Lets Go

Fiona decided to cheat on her husband because their sex life had ebbed away completely. It had never been that great in the first place. Fiona was thirty two; she had married him at twenty five. They had barely has sex in three years and she was gagging for it. She chose a colleague at […]

Finding Himself in Her Ch. 05

Here, at long last, is another chapter of Jaime and Kara's story. I hope you all like it as much as the previous chapters! I am so very happy with the reception of those chapters and love to read your comments, both positive and negative (at least if it's constructive), so please vote and comment! […]

Finding Travis Ch. 06

Travis hiked alone for the next three days. There were times when he walked with others but because he was in such great shape, and so highly motivated, he soon forged ahead leaving them behind. He traversed Pennsylvania in only eight days. Averaging well over 25 miles a day, he negotiated the infamous rocky trail […]

Finally He Knows

Many thanks to my wonderful editor the_thinker97. This is my first story hope you enjoy it. ***** Let me give you a little description about both Jamie and myself before I start the story fully, just so you have an idea what we are like. Jamie is 27 years old. He owns his own company […]

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