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Finally Got Him

When I heard the car door, I grabbed her plate of food and put it in the microwave, so it would be ready about a minute after she came inside. It wasn't cold, and I had turned a bowl upside down over it to keep it warm after getting her text that she'd be late. […]

Finding The Comfort Zone

Sarah Jones sat on the subway seat with her back inches from the backrest. From years of experience she knew that if she got more comfortable on the seat the stifling heat would fuse her back to the upholstery and her blouse would be soaking when she got off the train. And she was in […]

Fiona Lets Go

Fiona decided to cheat on her husband because their sex life had ebbed away completely. It had never been that great in the first place. Fiona was thirty two; she had married him at twenty five. They had barely has sex in three years and she was gagging for it. She chose a colleague at […]

Finally He Knows

Many thanks to my wonderful editor the_thinker97. This is my first story hope you enjoy it. ***** Let me give you a little description about both Jamie and myself before I start the story fully, just so you have an idea what we are like. Jamie is 27 years old. He owns his own company […]

Finding Travis Ch. 01

This is the third part of an ongoing story. It all started with A Tennessee Education. The Best Gift Ever continued the story. Each can be read independently but it's best to read all in order. I do want to state that this is a tale about male submission and female dominance. The men in […]

Fiona Ch. 02

************************************************* Copyright Oggbashan December 2009 The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. Minor edit March 2016. ************************************************* FIONA […]

Finding A Dream

I had found my wife's stash of pictures, mostly women missing one or both legs, a few men at the bottom of the pile. I resisted letting her know, instead I spent time searching the net to learn about her fascination. There are hundreds of fictional stories about people wanting to be with amputees, but […]

Finding Travis Ch. 03

“Hurry up and sit in that booth over there before those people take it. I'll get us something to drink.” Travis almost ran when she pointed and Rachel couldn't hold back a giggle when she saw him race-walking to the seats. He was visibly hard and he had remained that way almost from the moment […]

Fiona's First Time Ch. 02

There she stood, eggs in her gorgeous hair (which she'd just washed that morning – why had she thought she needed to loo nice for him?), custard in her top, eggs in her bra and bean in her panties… She couldn't believe that the fantasy she'd had for so long was finally coming true, and […]

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