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Finding Travis Ch. 07

At six thirty the following morning Michael shook a sleeping Travis. “Last door on the right. Mistress wants you now. Hurry!” Standing and quickly getting his wits about him, Travis rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Michael remained standing and pointing. “Do I knock?” “Always knock! Now get going.” He left Michael who had a […]

Finding Travis Ch. 10

Collapsing onto the soft queen-sized bed Katie breathed an exasperating sigh mixed with anxiety, frustration and a hint of hope. Having to emotionally deal with Monique seemed to have zapped what little fortitude she had. Convinced that seeing Tianna anytime soon was a bad idea she had stuck to her commitment to move out despite […]

Finding Himself in Her Ch. 05

Here, at long last, is another chapter of Jaime and Kara's story. I hope you all like it as much as the previous chapters! I am so very happy with the reception of those chapters and love to read your comments, both positive and negative (at least if it's constructive), so please vote and comment! […]

Finishing Ch. 01

The first time I licked cum out of my wife's pussy I was drunk; we both were, in fact. I mention it only because it was a determining factor in taking that first step. Drunk or sober no longer matters anymore now. But that first time it was because we'd been drinking. We have great […]

Finding Lauren's Fetish

I don't know why I had left them so exposed – usually I kept them well hidden, even when I wasn't expecting anybody to be coming around. I suppose I had just been careless the last time I'd worn them, but it was still a stupid mistake to make. It's true Lauren's visit was unexpected […]

Finishing Ch. 02

The morning after the party night drunk sex episode, where I first ate my cum out of my wife's pussy, we didn't really speak much about anything at all. There was no morning follow-up blowjob, or any of that fake 'I still got the urge' bullshit in the morning. We were both tired, and hung […]

Finally Found Her

With a bit of red wine and a cigarette, I strip down and run a warm wash cloth over my privates making sure I'm moistening and softening my skin for the cool yet fiery cream that will take away my ugly hairs. I stand in front of the mirror, growing hard as I smooth a […]

Finding Travis Ch. 11

Chapter 11 – Epilog On the flight north and at the hotel Katie had booked for him, Travis had lots to think about. He hated leaving but as his thoughts of Katie transitioned to that of looking forward to seeing Rachel after so many months. His time with Katie had been just what he needed. […]

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