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Sharing his gf

I had just started working in a new town and didn’t know anyone. I was bored, horny and curious. So I checked out one of those online personal ad websites. I found a guy who was looking for exactly what I wanted: a no-strings attached purely sexual relationship with another guy. Most of these ads […]


I was driving back from the airport, 2:30am, nothing on the road, a quiet B road that I knew very well and had driving on this road hundreds of times, the night was clear, warm, and I was doing 80mph. When suddenly out of nowhere a cop car appeared, behind me with his lights flashing, […]

A freindly visit

I was in college for about 2 years now doing a computer science degree and I was a little sad that I didn’t have a girlfreind yet. I studied, I did homework, I ate, I slept, but I never got to fuck somebody In all the time I was here. the College stereotype is so […]

Older Mans Boyfriend

I had been curious about male to male sex since I was pretty young, and I regularly masturbated thinking about how another guy’s cock would feel in my hand, or how mine would feel in his. Not quite sure how I found out, but when I was about 16 I learned the location of a […]

College Buds Ch. 2

Mark collapsed on his bed the second he got home, too tired to do anything else. The antics of the day had drained him entirely. “Hey, it’s fine,” Brent said, “I’ll treat you to dinner since you’re so tired.” “Thanks,” Mark said, “I don’t have enough energy to cook.” His nerves had never calmed down […]

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