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How to initiate butt-sex into your relationship, or at least what has worked for me. Why should consenting couples be so anxious about butt-sex that it prevents them from trying a little exploration? By consenting I mean two -way enjoyment that isn't coerced or manipulated. Yes, it can be dangerous if not approached with due […]

Call 'n Cum

In my more serious moments, I wonder what Alexander Graham Bell and Sigmund Freud would have said about the erotic phenomenon that has become known as phone sex. The subject of phone sex requires little introduction – it is simulated sex via telephone in which the goal is to sexually stimulate one or both of […]

Breast Obsessed: Positive Aspects

The male half of mankind has a well-deserved, bad reputation for being obsessed with breasts. This obsession has a long list of negative consequences, such as blatant ogling in public, complete loss of memory and intelligence in the presence of cleavage, and causing an untold number of unnecessary plastic surgeries. This how-to article contains suggestions […]

Camping 101

Let's go camping! Few statements in life are more capable than invoking the “flee or fight” response in people that those three words, “Let's go camping.” Some people love it, and some hate it. I've been a dedicated camper for most of my life. I was lucky; I grew up with a father who knew […]

Bondage Basics Pt. 02

Don't think I don't know what you're thinking, sometimes, dear readers. It's a lonely job, being the voice of reason, y'know? I don't like it any more than some of you do! I've spent going on 25 years being a unrepentantly kinky deviant, literally since before it was cool, when most people's images of BDSM […]

Breaking Taboos Believably

I ran across a forum where the person was asking how to make crossing a sexual taboo believable. My assumption was that this was meant in terms of writing about it happening. My forum posts are generally infamous for being a) poor attempts at humor and b) almost more long winded than my submitted stories. […]

Bondage Research

Since I have all this time on my hands, I have begun a research paper. I am testing self-bondage versus cooperative bondage. The research will be a useful insight into what type of restraint and masturbation incurs the most intense orgasm. I have tried the different clips available to my nipples. I find the clover […]

Break a Drought

This is an entry in the 2007 How To Contest. Please take a moment to vote on this and the other entries As I lay in my bath tonight, listening to the rain on the roof and bemoaning my bad luck, it occurred to me that luck, good or bad, had nothing to do with […]

Breaking Up (Online or Not)

How to Break-Up (Online or Otherwise) In the last year, I have watched the fallout from a number of relationships and break-ups take over the bulletin boards. These problems have caused hurt feelings, have ended friendships, and have come to involve dozens of people (through bulletin boards, email, and other electronica) who have no personal […]

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