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Bite-Size Morsels

Note: This short-short story may not be as erotic as some readers would prefer, for, although its intent is to be such, it also aims at being as literary as possible; moreover, the form of the short-short, being especially–well, short–precludes the development of the tale that is necessary, in most cases, to effect the full […]

Blowjobs for Dummies

I recently wrote a story called “How to Eat Pussy Like a Champ.” It was a labor of love. I was thrilled with the feedback I received. I got cheers from men. I got compliments and thanks from women. I also got several dinner invitations. For the record, I do like steak, but make me […]

Blowjobs for Dummies Ch. 02

After writing my first ‘Blowjobs for Dummies’ piece, I though I was through with the subject. I had intended it to be enjoyed and perhaps used for purposes of comparison, improvement and even reference. The feedback I asked for and received was simply overwhelming, and I mean this in the most positive of respects. When […]

Bold or Italic?

Bold or Italic? Alex de Kok (c) 2002 I suspect most of us submit our creations via our member page. Here we have the option of cutting-and-pasting into the box provided, or forwarding a file which we may have prepared in .txt, .rtf or perhaps .doc format. Usually, the reason for using some of these […]

Bondage Basics Pt. 01

First off, I wanted to say that I'm sorry to the kind readers who've been visiting me for the extended period of silence. Over the past few months I've tried getting back to it a few times, and had a few resulting false starts. It's difficult for me to pick up a thread like that, […]

Blow Job Tips for the Insecure

First of all, let me establish the most important aspect of giving a blow job — confidence! A lot of women are self-conscious when it comes to giving head. While I can certainly understand being unsure of yourself, that's something you have to get over quickly in order to improve. Even if you're not the […]

Blowjob 101

I know you've seen a billion of them on here; “How To Give A Guy Great Head,” “How To Please Him,” etc. I thought I would add my two cents because there are some things I haven't seen on here, plus I absolutely love giving my guy head, so my advice will probably be pretty […]


No one gives the perfect blowjob the first time. Learning any great skill takes lots of practice and patience. It really helps if you have a good teacher as well. The first time I gave a blowjob was horrendous. I had no idea what I was doing and the poor guy was too young and […]

Bicurious and Married?

So, since you clicked here, it's entirely likely you're one of the many married guys on Lit who are on the horns of a dilemma: You're straight, but you're really curious about the idea of sucking a big hard cock. Maybe you get turned on by the “pals go camping and get sweaty in the […]

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