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Being Sexy

So, since this is a How-To, of course it's not going to work for everyone… but I do think that it will work for the majority of the population. Chances are I'm not going to go over anything that you can't get out of Cosmo, but maybe you'll be able to find something helpful to […]

Being a Good Teacher

As I wrote my “How To” on being a good parent, I realized that parents who read this article would take issue that I did not address the teacher's role in the development of their child. This article will hopefully address these issues. As a teacher, I have a very important job. I need to […]

Being a Good Parent

This is not an article on how to be a good parent in the general sense. I've only been a parent for over a year and I'm sure I still making mistakes. This article is about how to be a good parent when it comes to the education system. It is extremely important that you […]

Bedtime Sex Positions

Find a position that works best for both of you, depending on where you are. Kneel before your man with him standing if you're in a confined area, or when you want to strike a pose that is really hot. Other positions: seat your partner and crouch between their legs (slide a pillow under your […]

Be A Better Boyfriend

So, you want to be a good boyfriend. Kudos. Good for you. Looks like you're in the right place. There are a couple quick disclaimers before we get started however. 1. The author has no experience with another other type of relationship besides M/F exclusive, therefore this article will speak to the reader with the […]

Be a Man, Submit

This is for all of you macho he-men out there who are living a lie. You know who you are; god knows I was one also. You bluster about doing your so-called manly things when deep down what you'd prefer would be worshiping your wife. You know who you are but you're afraid to admit […]

Be a Sexy Sucker!

So, another guide to oral sex. And, as we all know, not everything works for every person, so there's the disclaimer. Now, we're all pretty much familiar with the concept of oral sex. It stopped being considered a taboo and/or kinky a long time ago, except to the most religiously fanatical or prudish. If it's […]

Be Your Own Stock Broker

Investing is really very simple. Of course it can become very complicated, depending on how much time you want to put into it. Choose good companies and ride the short term stock fluctuations without worry. Ideally you want to buy low and sell high. That's why low days on the stock market sometimes can get […]

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