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A Crime Saga Ch. 04

It was a beautiful bright Sunday afternoon. Roman was busy working out at his favorite gym. The gym was his shrine, and working out was like praying. Roman was in top physical form, he had an incredible lean muscular physique. Currently he was doing power lifts, blasting his chest and arms with bench presses and […]

A Crime Saga Ch. 05

Tuesday Morning, Department of Justice: “Please state your name for the record.” “Candace Camille.” “What is your occupation Ms. Camille?” “I work for the mayor as his secretary.” “Could you please tell the court the reason you are here today?” “…I was gang raped by five black men, whom work for the mayor.” “Now, how […]

A Crime Saga Ch. 06

Roman felt refreshed from his nap. He slept in yesterday from his day off. And since he didn’t have to go to work in early today, he decided to go workout before going in to work. Training day is today. On the third Wednesday of every month, all police officers must go to training day. […]

A Crime Saga Ch. 02

“Damn it!” Cursed Brock. He was furious at the person over the telephone. “The bitch is late! I don’t care, the bitch is carrying over a grand worth of dope, and I don’t want no one messing with my dope! The bitch is hurting my business, yo!” Brock slams the phone down on the lacquered […]

A Crime Saga Ch. 03

Stacy rode off in the back of the squad van, preoccupied with the task at hand. She didn’t even notice the other squad members gawking at her body. She was right, the skirt was too short. The skirt didn’t even cover her ass, revealing everything. Stacy kept crossing her legs, trying to hide any view […]

A Couple's Destiny

Emily thought about the phone call she had received from her husband for the hundredth time as she made the drive home from work. His voice had been quite serious as he confirmed his young wife had nothing planned that evening and would be available for a serious talk. Despite her probing, she was unable […]

A Crime Saga – Prologue

These events take place prior to Chapter 1. The clock struck eight. It was a beautiful Wednesday morning and Roman’s alarm went off. He let it ring for a little while before turning it off. He looked around his room. It was filled with collectibles and trophies and display items neatly placed on his shelves. […]

A Crime Saga Ch. 01

A bright sunny sky covers the noon day this July thirty-first. A dense crowd stands in front of city hall as the mayor prepared to make his speech. Behind the mayor stand four of the city's finest detectives of the Special Investigation Division. The four detectives are Roman Law, Charlotte Hall, Kim Valentine, and Omar […]

A Confusing Love

I leaned over the old roman balcony, taking solace in the fact that nobody knew where I was. The chilly morning air danced over my skin as I leaned closer towards the edge, taking in the ultramarine water. I would have to take a swim sometime today, enjoy the beauty while it lasted. The knock […]

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