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A Conspiracy of Sluts Ch. 03

Author's note: This is the third part of a five part novella. Each chapter is devoted to a different category of erotica: i.e. lesbian, group, interracial, BDSM, exhibitionism/voyeur (in that order). Although the five parts constitute a complete story I have tried to write each chapter so it could be enjoyed stand-alone as well (although […]

A Costly Bet

“I'm not saying they are going to take the series, but I think they'll force a game seven,” I said. Byron and I were sipping beers as we watched ESPN in closed caption on the bar television. Byron shook his head and smiled before he took a swig. “The Bulls are gonna put them away, […]

A Common Kind of Love Ch. 09

Chapter 9 Six Months Later… It had been some months since the cancelling of Naomi's impending engagement to Randolph when her life finally had settled down. After all the speculation had died down about her possibly being pregnant or having some dreaded disease which resulted in her passing out, life had returned to some semblance […]

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