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A Common Kind of Love

Chapter 1 Douglas teetered through the crowd back his two friends at the table in the middle of the square. Please don't let me trip and pour this beer in someone's lap, he thought. It was a huge outdoor festival for Oktoberfest, he and his two buddies Dhani and Alberto, who they called Al had […]

A Christmas Party Ch. 09

The knock came again. Neither of them had made any attempt to move from their positions, and the sound jerked them out of their state of indecision. Kachi suddenly went into panic mode, the thought of confronting Jeremy suddenly didn't seem so pleasing. She wanted to be away from him to get her thoughts in […]

A City Tale

Hey guys longtime no see, eh? This story is a one-shot from Lena's college days. Part two of Lena and David's story is coming up soon. I hope you like it. -phoenix * Lena Harrison quickly walked up the sidewalk, her blue earbuds resting in her small brown ears. She had just gotten out of […]

A Christmas Party Ch. 05

**Hey guys, thanks for previous comments. Hope you like this chapter, please drop your comments so I know how I'm doing so far** Donald 'Donny' Iliamson had always been self conscious. Since his childhood, he had never quite fit in with the crowd. While in elementary school, he had been one of the dullest students […]

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