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Heaven Can Wait

Your free hand begins to stroke my chest. Your fingers find a nipple and begin to tease. You know now the effect this will have. You remember.   You raise your head and find my ear with your mouth. You begin to suck the soft flesh and your tongue dances in and out.   My […]

The Bet

The Bet Ralph, Tyrell and Jerome were in Ralphs garage drinking beer and in general just hanging out. Ive got to piss said Jerome. Jerome go in the house and piss already Ralph replied. Tyrell looked as Jerome went inside and laughed. Whats so funny, asked Ralph? Tyrell started to explain both he and Jerome […]

Interracial Lovin: Ebony

Interracial Lovin: Ebony   Chandice couldn’t figure out what was wrong with herself.  The start of the lawnmowers engine just seemed to send chills through her body, right to the special spot between her legs.  No she didn’t have a lawnmower fetish, but she did seem to have a thing for the landscaper that was […]

First Date – Part II

“Sure?” she enquired. She said this into my mouth as we kissed. My cock jerked in my jeans. “I was with Joel only half an hour ago.” “I can smell his aftershave,” I muttered. The combined smells emanating from her were heady and erotic and driving me crazy with lust for her. “And I can […]

Bachelorette Party

Something about bachelorette parties makes us girls do all sorts of naughty stuff. My friend Jackie, 24 years old was ready to settle down for one cock for life (or at the very least till her pussy takes over and she cheats). She and I both knew each others slutty side as we have partied […]

Midnight Shift

A couple of months have passed since the storm, and Carrie acted as if nothing ever happened. Although she felt weak when she was near Rick, her juices starting to flow as he paid her small compliments. Rick knowingly made small advances on her during work, nothing too obvious, giving just enough attention to distract […]

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