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A Day at the Mall

How I Learned to be Proud of My Breasts Background: The Trainer I hate men, passionately. They're hairy, ugly, and all too often, dirty. I can't stand the feel of their stupid faces against my skin. They're either unshaven, therefore tickle, or poorly shaven, therefore scratch. Their bodies are hairy and ugly and misshapen, too. […]

A Daughter's Revenge

Please don't reproduce this copyrighted work without written permission. ________ Another note of personal thanks to Bernard Lyons, a dear friend in Dublin, Ireland who once again has provided me with his generous and timely editorial insight. Thanks B! ________ Of course all actors in this script are of legal age. I hope you enjoy […]

A Cure for Depression

58. A 58. Katie couldn't believe she'd failed the exam. “I studied so hard for it,” she thought. Katie felt so defeated: a bad break up with her long time boyfriend, a one night stand that left her feeling used and degraded, and now her grades were falling. Katie became lost in her own depression. […]

A Date with Mother Nature

Maybe it was wishful thinking to not check the weather forecast before I headed out. I had been itching to go hiking all winter. At the first sign of spring, I grabbed my backpack and went for a long walk in the Hoosier National Forest. The weather started out beautiful. I could smell the pollen […]

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