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A Day at the Mall

How I Learned to be Proud of My Breasts Background: The Trainer I hate men, passionately. They're hairy, ugly, and all too often, dirty. I can't stand the feel of their stupid faces against my skin. They're either unshaven, therefore tickle, or poorly shaven, therefore scratch. Their bodies are hairy and ugly and misshapen, too. […]

A Daughter's Revenge

Please don't reproduce this copyrighted work without written permission. ________ Another note of personal thanks to Bernard Lyons, a dear friend in Dublin, Ireland who once again has provided me with his generous and timely editorial insight. Thanks B! ________ Of course all actors in this script are of legal age. I hope you enjoy […]

A Date with Mother Nature

Maybe it was wishful thinking to not check the weather forecast before I headed out. I had been itching to go hiking all winter. At the first sign of spring, I grabbed my backpack and went for a long walk in the Hoosier National Forest. The weather started out beautiful. I could smell the pollen […]

A Day and a Night in The Sun

The Cayman Islands were so beautiful this time of year, and the weather was really perfect. Much better than in the heat and humidity of the summer. Or so Christina had been told by the hotel staff, anyway. The weather was great, true…a nice cool breeze came in right off that perfect azure-blue glassy sea, […]

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