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A Day and a Night in The Sun

The Cayman Islands were so beautiful this time of year, and the weather was really perfect. Much better than in the heat and humidity of the summer. Or so Christina had been told by the hotel staff, anyway. The weather was great, true…a nice cool breeze came in right off that perfect azure-blue glassy sea, […]

A Creamy Beach Surprise

Once again an english story with the usual ask of not blaming me too much for the bad wording and spelling of my writing in a foreign language. It was shortly after my 24th birthday in September when I had booked a one-week holiday in a small Spanish village called Nerja near Malaga. I spent […]

A Cool Summer's Breeze

Laid there looking up at the stars with my girl next to me, I couldn't have been happier. I couldn't imagine a single moment in my whole life where I'd been more calm or relaxed. “… and that one's Orion, the hunter,” she continued to tell me about the stars, stories of constellations and the […]

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