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My father in law

It all started shortly after I was married in 1970 and I was just 19. I moved into house opposite my in laws. The father was a bit younger around 45 and was one for the ladies apparently. I noticed he was always trying to sneak a glance at me when i wasnt looking. It […]

Company Executive PT3

It had been another usual morning. It was another usual early morning run in her neighborhood as well. Along with that was another good warm shower and the beautiful 40 year old woman’s smile which faced her as it looked back at her once she was out of her shower and standing in front of […]

Loving you

I feel so bad that you are so tired and physically exhausted, come, lay in my arms. Lay your head against my chest, let me comfort you, caress you. Your sweet smile so gentle as you lay here, your head bobbing up and down as I breathe. Softly I stroke your hair and hold you, […]

Dirty Kelly 2

Dirty Kelly part 2 Kelly was on her third gin and tonic, all complementary of her as yet unnamed friendly barman, and hadn’t heard a thing from Ray, until her mobile started ringing. ‘Babe, I’m stuck in traffic. Been an accident by the look of it. Been ambulances and fire engines flying always. Don’t know […]

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