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The Teacher's Assistant

Megan Sanford exited from the bathroom, feeling refreshed after a long hot shower. Professor Monroe only had his classes up until noon on Wednesdays, so after a light lunch Megan had gone straight to the gym and spent two grueling hours exercising. Working by day as a college teaching assistant and studying at night working […]

The Temptation of Bobby

Tobey and Jennifer had always had a good relationship with each other. They had been together for at least a year now and he could imagine spending the rest of his life with her. Since Tobey was single he started exploring the club scene of Cincinnati and that is where he had met her. He […]

The Teacher's Valentine

In all outward appearances Nicole Frost was a model student, a christian youth, and everything a father could want in a daughter. She was very pretty, with long blond hair that came down to the top of her pert little ass, and big blue eyes that you could easily lose yourself in. Nicole was an […]

The Thankless Job

For the twenty-forth workday in four weeks, I was working and cursing my boundless stupidity in taking on the job of building a downstairs bedroom and bathroom suite for the Jaminsons' multi-million dollar home. Hell, I was in my early sixties. I had retired in my fifties from the electronics industry with a small fortune. […]

The Teacher: Introduction

I can sense that something is wrong…very wrong. There's someone here, I can feel it. The stillness in the room, the complete absence of sound, is unnerving. It's too quiet. My eyes open onto complete darkness. The wrinkling of my brow and the brush of my lashes against …something…are the first true indications that my […]

The Tease Gets Hers

My European move has been postponed, allowing me to add one or two more stories before I go. As always, I would like to encourage readers to go back and read my prior stories, vote and send me an email or make a comment. I love hearing from you all. Fifteen years on the job […]

The Teaching Assistant

THE RAIN “Be sure to read the chapter on Newton's third law before class on Monday. Have a good weekend.” As the middle aged professor finished his lecture, the sudden rustle of activity stirred me from my thoughts. I blinked a few times, glancing around at the hundred or so other students that filled the […]

The Third Secret

“You're really going to do it?” Christine asked me, incredulously. I look down at the skimpy bikini laying on the bed and my heart skipped a beat. I looked up at Christine in her sleek one-piece swimsuit. I hadn't been able to talk her into wearing a bikini with me. Fuck, this would have been […]

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