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Her breasts are almost perfect, I was thinking as she took me back into her mouth. I could see them disappear and reappear as she worked her head back and forth on my cock. They held my attention more than the magic that she was performing. That fact hit me like a slap, while she […]

Lady Dorothys War (Episode 3)

Lady Dorothy’s War (Episode 3) A Series Set In England During WWII We last left Lady Dorothy Brooks secretly collapsed in a stable-stall with her hand in her knickers as a the sluttish servant girl Daisy rushed past attempting to settle her semen soiled underwear… As the pretty, (and now frankly perspiring) Lady Dottie removed […]

start of a memorable weekend

Two hours of torturous pleasure, my mind racing with all the promises of the weekend, everything we had ever teased each other was all about to come true. The vibrations of the train’s engine had been teasing my clit for the last hour and half since I strategically tilted my pelvis forward, that and the […]

My Pleasure

Let’s just say that I was in my mid to late teens when this happened. I was babysitting for Mike, one of our neighbours. He had popped around to our house earlier in the week and asked my mother if I could look after his daughter on Friday evening so he could have a night […]

My Education- Part 2

It had been a couple of days since my sister-in-law had changed my life for ever by taking my virginity and introducing me to the wonders of a woman’s body. Since then my mind had been filled with nothing but the memories of that occasion, reliving every detail over and over again. My cock seemed […]

Raping Pam.

Introduction: Teasing Pam. This story was written entirely by the poster verywet. I am only posting the story for her. Pam was being a bitch to Jerry her neighbour. Turning him down when he asked her out, and making fun of him calling him a limp dick. Jerry decided to get revenge and asked his […]

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