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She Took Him

After months of posting and replying to the “casual encounters” on Craig’s List, Eric was finally going to get laid!  Or at least that’s what he hoped as he drove up to her home.   Eric was a tall lanky college student whose strict parents had sent him to a military school.  No women were allowed, […]

The Meadowlands.

I’m driving you down to the Meadowlands. The brooding, wild and desolate Meadowlands, you’ll like it there I’m sure. It’s so quiet and peaceful, a world away from your hectic city lifestyle. I used to bring your Sister here years ago, ten years ago to be precise, back in the day when we were still […]

Hollis Not A Whore

Holli’s Not A Whore By SizeQueenSupreme (Fans interested in joining my fan club should feel free to message me on this page) The guy was fucking ripped, no doubt about that. Pecs carved from solid stone, shoulders with definition like a bunch of bananas, biceps like Prize Hams, a veritable 12 pack of abs that […]

She gets taken

Keys in hand, she approached her apartment door and fumbled with the lock. Two more failed attempts at inserting the key only frustrated her. She was so tired. She didn’t need this tonight. She sighed deeply and rested her forehead against the door to steady her as she tried once again to focus on the […]

Arrogant Bastard 3

‘Lexxa, go to the party with me,’ Ally whines as she fixes her hair in my bathroom. ‘I already told you, no,’ I tell her. ‘But whyyy?’ she whines again. ‘Adam will be there!’ ‘I don’t care. I don’t want to see him,’ I say, my heart twisting at the mention of his name. ‘Lexxa, […]

Redeeming Lust Part Three

I drove like a mad woman down the streets. Adrenaline pulsating through my veins, I had to make it home before Vincent got there. What would I do? What would I say? Question after question coursed through my mind, I found myself astray. I was lost in thoughts of Riccardo’s hands, violent on in my […]

Seduced by the Wind

Title: Seduced by the Wind Author: Ella Ashgrove She could feel his presence – his eyes watching her from afar while the shadows dancing along the nearby brick buildings kept his identity a mystery. As a gentle breeze travels through the night sky, she hears her name being whispered “Katie.” Not knowing if it was […]

My Angel

I guess it came from Kentucky. When will I learn to say “No” to whiskey? Ugh. Mark slipped the flask back in his pocket. I wasn’t sure if I was going to retch, so I set my red cup next to Katie on the railing and quickly went inside to find the toilet. The party […]

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