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Lil One Ch. 01

Chapter One Firstly, I will describe my newest fuck toy. I call her my “lil' one”, because she only 4'11″ short and being a foot taller, I tower over her. She is 24yo. She has full hips and large breasts both of which fear and love my ministrations. She was sent to me for training […]

Light My Fire Ch. 02

Rose Anne has surrendered to Clyde’s reprogramming of her erotic personality. Her first lesson had been a success, so much so that she was hungry for more.., and already on her way to becoming a helpless love slave without a will of her own. ****************** I could hardly wait. Clyde would be back this evening. […]

Like Beasts…

The mood comes into you when you're kissing her, when your bodies are pressed tightly and you start tearing off your clothes. The feeling of her vulnerability stokes some fire in you, fed by a hard day at work and worries over life in general and suddenly you want to exert your power over someone…and […]


Ligaya [a Filipino name; happiness, joy, pleasure] [Inspired by P. – Thanks to A. for editing and suggestions.] Dear Kinkster Journal, For some time now my relationship with Ligaya – the “pet” name I gave her, not her birth name – has blossomed, ever since we met at the tutorial I headed for mature distance […]

Light My Fire Ch. 03

Roseanne is by now well into her ‘reprogramming’, and has very little will of her own remaining. Mesmerized, and very nearly in Clyde’s total control, he takes her submission to the next level. ******************** Later, when we were in bed together after Clyde had taken the virginity of my ass, I snuggled gratefully in his […]


I spotted the ad online and noted the e-mail address. “Males needed for submissive roles in adult film scenes, pay is $200/day.” My finances needed the boost, so I replied and after an exchange of information, was told where and when to appear. The studio was in a fairly nice part of town. I realized […]

Light My Fire Ch. 01

This is a story that explores the dark side of one woman’s desperate search for a lover who could light her fire. To skip directly to her eventual submission to her dominant lover would not to do justice to the depth of that desperation. Accordingly, much of this lengthy first chapter is devoted to an […]


I knock at your door it's a cloudy but warm day. You answer wearing a zipped jumper and a pair of tight jeans. Has you say good bye to your parents you fall off the step and kiss me. We walk hand in hand. Towards a wood, its just a nice place to go when […]

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