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Jackson could see that Cindy was waiting for him to call her into the office and irritation surged through him. Why the hell couldn't the fool woman just obey orders? There hadn't been anything sexist about the rule he had put out saying the female lifeguards couldn't patrol the beach alone, but had to have […]

Life's a Bitch

My wife and I had been married over 18 years and lately things had not been so good in the sex department, for the last 5 years actually. I still wanted it, and she could do without it. One evening last month, things changed drastically for the better I think. We had a fight over […]

Life in the Harem Ch. 11

Modern day harem life of slaves and their struggles for alpha slave status. Master is unaware of the intrigue and back stabbings that go on when he is away from the harem between his sex slaves. Or is he? Cast: Calista: Lead character Master: Master and owner Sir Jon: Master's longtime friend Lady Martha: Master's […]

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