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Cherry Switches

After 6 weeks of marital bliss Penny decided to test my patience. She sat at the kitchen table with a legal pad, making a list of some kind. ‘Shopping list,’ I asked. ‘No sweetie,’ she answered, ‘it’s a contract. You agree to do certain things, I agree to do certain things.’ ‘What kind of things?’ […]

Back Seat Driving Lesson

To say that Tom was upset was an understatement. Maureen knew he was angry because he had no look on his face at all. He just stared straight forward while he drove. After 5 years of marriage, she knew that when he was visibly angry that was one thing, but when the anger didn’t show… […]

Head Girls Downfall

Mr Masterson stroked his long cane in anticipation as Tamara looked on anxiously. She knew what to expect and she knew it was going to hurt, her bottom tensed beneath her school skirt! At Le Blanc Maison finishing school for girls if you misbehaved there would be only one outcome, corporal punishment and if you […]

Ash Under Supervision

This story iswritten for Ash, a lovely young lady living in India and soon to come to England. Her desire is to be spanked and this story describes one way that might happen. 22 year Ash had fantasised for some years about having her bare bottom spanked and whilst in her native India bare bottom […]

Nina Humbled

Nina knew she had the spanking coming, had engineered it in fact. 38 years old. Hands on her head. Nose touching the wall. Toes right up against the wall as well. Her skirt removed. Her knickers removed. Her smooth bare bottom staring out in to the room. Her 15 minutes on the naughty spot was […]

Turn The Tables

Turn the Tables Charlese Le’Push July 2010 Anastasia is 44 years old, and youthful as if she were in her 20’s. With long straight red hair, green eyes, plump pouting lips and pale white skin. She is tall and lean, sumptuous thighs that are strong and supple. Initial impression of Anastasia soft spoken, stunningly beautiful […]

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