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The Demerit System, part 4

‘Do you have a minute, sir?’ It was Laura. Pete had just answered the doorbell Monday afternoon to find her there. ‘Of course, Laura. Please come in.’ Laura was dressed in jeans and a turtleneck, as it was a bit chilly out. Pete figured she probably was just finished with classes for the day. He […]

as My Lover Slept

I enter our bedroom and my lover is sleeping. Her sexy leg is half out from under the sheet curled up beside her. I crawl in bed and gently kiss her ankle and nibble her calf, I kiss my way up her leg as she moans and stretches. I pull the sheet off exposing her […]

Speaking Out of Turn

It was a ridiculous comment to make. After all I so fancied Phoebe. She is my best friend’s sister.   I was sorry I made the comment. It just came out.   We were all in the kitchen. Dave and his sister were arguing about one of Phoebe’s friends and her ability to get boyfriends. […]

Two (Part Three)

Part Three The next weekend, Amy invited Allison over for dinner. It was very cool to watch them kiss when Allison arrived. It was a quick kiss, but it still made my cock hard. Allison was wearing a green top, a neat, black skirt, and some simple, black sandals. She wasn’t near as thin as […]

Raping Pam.

Introduction: Teasing Pam. This story was written entirely by the poster verywet. I am only posting the story for her. Pam was being a bitch to Jerry her neighbour. Turning him down when he asked her out, and making fun of him calling him a limp dick. Jerry decided to get revenge and asked his […]

Alexis Turns The Tables

Isobel arrived just after lunch as promised. I was in my see through dress and as soon as Isobel saw it her eyes popped out and she said, “Wow, when did you get that Alexis?” Jaden answered, “I did actually Isobel, but don’t worry there is one for you upstairs.” Isobel’s mouth dropped open and […]

Mrs Howard spanks Ellie

16 year old Ellie waited in her bedroom knowing her bottom was soon going to be spanked very hard and for an awfully long time. She could hear her Mum speaking to Mrs Howard, the cleaner. “Ellie deserves a good hard spanking so please will you work an extra half an hour and give her […]

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