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Vacant House Sex Story

Tom and Madison, like a lot of engaged couples, were arguing about driving directions, but one thing they could agree upon, was that they looked good. They were driving to a cocktail party at the home of their good friends in Las Vegas, and as was the custom, everyone dressed up. Madison, a petite brunette […]

Perfect Wife

Sebastian’s wife had just gotten back from her run and she headed to the shower. She made a stop by the kitchen to grab a bottle of water and headed up the stairs to wash up. Sebastian had been up in his room sorting out some old photos of their past vacation, some of which […]

Smile For The Camera

Sitting at his desk and reading what must have been his 500 th email of the day, Spencer heard a light knock at his office door. Looking up he was greeting by a lovely, smiling face attached to much better than average body on a woman he didn’t think he knew. More than happy for […]

A hard days work

I imagine you coming into my office, walking over and picking up paperwork off the floor. I see the split in your skirt part to show your lacy black panties as you then sit on my desk, crossing your legs so your skirt rides all the way up, revealing your hold ups. Watching you tease […]

Sarah – Part Seventeen

When I woke on Friday morning Sarah was gone, having slipped out of bed and left the house without waking me. I showered, shaved, dressed, went out for lunch, and did my usual errands, returning home in the late afternoon. It wasn’t until I saw Sarah’s car in the driveway that I remembered that there […]

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