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Casual Encounter

As I sit at my desk at work, I look at the clock again, 12:45pm. My friend and co-worker, sitting behind me giggles at my nervousness. It’s all her fault anyway. She set me up to this, it was all her idea. I had been perfectly content living life like a frumpy divorced woman since […]

Safe as the bank

John worked as an advisor in a bank and enjoyed his time there. He got to see and talk to a lot of different people, while also playing with numbers which he liked so much. John was a rather open and friendly guy, though some may say he´s kind of nerdy sometimes. He didn´t care, […]

Last Chance

He followed the winding country road through the woods and tried to steer while checking the directions he had scribbled on a napkin. His heart was racing as his car kicked up dust on the deserted road. He knew what he was going to do would leave him with some feelings of guilt but at […]

To the shower

To the shower. He wakes up feeling disorientated. The beautiful blonde bob is still lying on his chest. He stretches his legs. Blondie stirs and wakes. Her head twists and she looks at him. ‘Hello. Remember me? We fucked a while ago, we were good, too.” She smiles at him. ‘Of course I remember. You […]

My One And Only Affair

I’m divorced now. My ex-wife had an affair which ended our marriage. She doesn’t know that I had my own affair, seven years earlier. We were great fuck mates. I fucked her constantly and I fucked her one day before we split up. But after she had our baby, she changed in many ways, including […]

The Ingnue – Part 2

JUDE: Out she came, smelling of sex, sweet perfume and fresh perspiration. Her hair was tousled even more, her skin flushed, her breasts rose up and down as she breathed deeply. Xander and I watched her intently, captivated by her confident stance, with hands on hips and a radiant smile. Wordlessly, she sauntered over to […]

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