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Free incest and taboo sex stories from Incest stories and erotic writing covering taboo family and related uncle niece, father daughter, mother son sex tales.

Sex on a Bus

Being a voyeur can bring me as much pleasure as being a direct participant. I have watched my wife fucking multiple partners at home, in a car, and have watched as she sucked cock in adult theaters and kneeling behind a bush where she might get caught. When younger I would be a ‘peeking tom’ […]

Finally Satisfied

I am lucky to be married to the most sexual woman I have ever came across, but it made me wonder about her sisters. She has three of them, one in particular who blossomed into a wonder of beauty before my eyes. With no brother in their life, I had now become very close to […]

The Collar

You are at home all alone one night when you suddenly hear a knock at the door. You open it up to find me standing there holding a bag. Before you can say anything I pull you in close and kiss your sweet lips. As I pull away I hold a finger up to your […]

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