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A Lost Bet Ch. 02

It was a fitful night. While the chair had been designed to provide at least a little comfort, having my arms bound behind me all night got to be uncomfortable. Plus, I was forced to remain in the same position because of being bound to the chair. And it didn't help that every so often, […]

A Lost Bet Ch. 03

I woke up the next morning feeling a little tired, a little stiff, and definitely sore. But it wasn't the kind of soreness that came from exercise. It was just my rear. The beads and the pounding from Tom had done their job. As I rolled out of bed, I felt the tampon in my […]

A Libidinous Dream

An old friend had come for a visit to my house in the country…she, her husband, and her two darling children, one of whom was yet a babe in diapers. She’d been my best friend in high school, and the maid of honor in my wedding. And she hadn’t changed a bit…or so I thought. […]

A Little Bit of Give and Take

“No, I'm not shocked, I'm excited!” Daniel exclaimed. “It's fantastic. I just wish we'd talked like this years ago.” “Me too.” Kelly replied. She leaned forward and kissed Daniel delicately but with a lot of affection. “So, what shall we do about it?” Daniel thought for a while. A flash of inspiration interrupted the silence. […]

A Long Hard Night

It was the usual cacophony of sound, arguments and raised voices; competing with televisions blaring, at my local pub on Friday night. The atmosphere was thick, as each patron vied for service or to have their opinions heard; the air conditioning losing the battle with the sweating bodies of too many closely packed people. A […]

A Long Night Out

Sometimes, extending your trust too far and too fast can lead to things that you couldn't imagine. * If you happen to meet a woman at a club catering to Goths and those that meddle in the occult, you shouldn't be surprised to find that she is a little peculiar. I met Rose shortly after […]

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