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A Little Bit of Give and Take

“No, I'm not shocked, I'm excited!” Daniel exclaimed. “It's fantastic. I just wish we'd talked like this years ago.” “Me too.” Kelly replied. She leaned forward and kissed Daniel delicately but with a lot of affection. “So, what shall we do about it?” Daniel thought for a while. A flash of inspiration interrupted the silence. […]

A Last Unveiling Ch. 02

And yet he still looked at her. The reality of her sitting there, wearing nothing but her G-string, could still not make him believe that she was anything more than a dream. She had dialed the lights down low so there was a slight dreamlike quality to everything, but even so – how could he […]

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 19

Chapter 19 – How Roxy became a chauffeur “You are not going to believe this,” Andrew said. He managed one of Ted's businesses down by the beach. He was one of the few employees who were aware of Ted's special interests. “Believe what?” Ted asked taking the bait. “A new guy started working out over […]

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