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A Bet On The Game

Patric Green was a little pissed off. It wasn't because his team, The Dukes, were down seventeen to twelve with only twenty minutes of the game remaining. It wasn't really that his wife, Mandy was still hanging around instead of going out with her friend Sue, as previously arranged. No, he could deal with all […]

A Bet That Went Bad Ch. 01

As Luke walked into the parking lot, outside of his office building, he noticed a large group of people standing around his car. As he worked his way through the crowd, he saw what they were looking at. All of the windows, headlights and taillights on his BMW were smashed. “What the hell,” he screamed […]

A Bet That Went Bad Ch. 02

“What are we doing here?” Joan asked. “Breakfast?” I replied. “You know what I mean. Look you're a nice guy Jim, and a really good lover, but I don't want to get mixed up in a messy divorce?” she said trying to be up front with me. “Joan, I'm enjoying myself with you, and no […]

A Bad Husband Gets Caught

My sister-in-law and I have always had a good relationship. I've found her very attractive since the day I first met her and I believe that she has always felt the same way. Over the years, there have been numerous occasions where we've flirted with each other, but we have never acted on anything. I […]

A Barbeque Gang Bang

It had been a bright, warm summers day when Jane phoned to invite myself and my husband, Terry over for an evening barbecue. I knew that we had nothing planned, and readily accepted the invitation immediately. Jane and Derek were two of our best friends, and evening's with them were always interesting. They both had […]

A 'Swinging' Door Opens

This is the first of a series of true stories detailing how I turned my wife from her rigidly moralistic background to a woman who became one-half of a swinging couple who enjoyed sex as much as anyone ever has. It explains how I slowly managed to convert her from the straight-laced lovely I married […]

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