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A Bad Part Of The City

It was becoming dusk when my car slowed to an inevitable standstill. The air around us was muggy and warm, the faint sound of Reggae music drifting down from some tower block party. We had, ourselves, been heading for a party of certainly more salubrious design than the one that we could currently hear, but […]

A Beautiful View Redux

First, thanks to BigGuy33 for giving his permission for this follow-up. Thanks always to blackrandl1958 for her sweet inspiration, advice and editing. ***** In the cold light of day, I wondered if I might have been too hasty in moving Connie back in so soon after our fuck session at the party the previous night. […]

A Bad Wife Plays

In the ten years that we have been married, my wife, Sandra has never worked. I am fortunate to have a good position in a top legal firm and easily make enough for both of us to live very comfortably on. This being the case, I was most surprised when, returning from work one evening, […]

A Beautiful Wife

This is an original story but the story premise is one I've read before. I can't remember where though. I've searched and searched for it so many times, but have given up looking and written my own version of the theme instead. Hope you enjoy. ***** To tell a little bit about myself, I'm Phil, […]

A Bad Influence Ch. 02

Note: It will help to please read “A Bad Influence” before you read this story. Readers have requested the wife's point of view of how it all happened. So here goes. Also please continue to send feedback (good and bad) or I'll never learn from my mistakes. (Suzie's Story) This story is being written from […]

A Beautiful, Spoilt Slut

Lady Tara Sinclair relaxed lazily on her soft, white leather sofa as she flicked through her occasional diary. Her husband, Sir James, looked up briefly from his crossword. He smiled as his eyes took in his younger wife's beauty. Lady Tara was dressed in her usual morning attire of light silk wrap-round dress that did […]

A Bad Influence

It was a very long day when I got home after the taxi ride. Work was terrible, and more work was piling up on my desk by the hour. I have owned my own business for the last ten years. I met my wife Suzie about 6 years ago and we have been married for […]

A Bad, Bad Wife

As we drove towards town, the sun was shining blissfully. Despite the fact that it was only 10am, it was already hot and the day promised to be a scorcher. My wife, Helen, had persuaded me to give up my Saturday off and take her shopping. I moaned, but knew that when Helen had set […]

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