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Caught flashing – story

"Excuse me, we've had a report of a lady teasing guys by displaying her underwear, throughout the shopping centre so would you come with me back to the main security office please" said the security chief as his hand gripped your shoulder and turned you towards his offices…….
You can feel eyes looking at you wondering what you've done to be lead by a guard but a respectable looking lady, even if the skirt is just a little too short and an extra button undone on her shirt, she doesn't look like a shoplifter? The guys eyes are drawn to those legs and the bounce of your cleavage

As you enter his office you can see the bank of screens and realise he has watched everything you've done, when you sat with your legs just that extra few inches apart where the guy with check shirt was looking, when you bent over I front of the couple In the shoe shop, leaned over at the coffee counter when the barista was looking right down your front
You feel your cheeks redden as he asks "so just what were you doing out there?" "Nothing" you stammer slightly "I'm not sure why you've brought me here" he smiles slightly and looks you over from top to toe, noticing the shortness of your skirt which you now seem to want to tug lower, perhaps you should t have turned the waist band over after all. His gaze lingers on your thighs and you can't help but feel he appreciates you and despite yourself your knees drift apart just slightly but it's enough for him to see your stocking tops, "you are a naughty girl aren't you?" He looks directly at you and you can't help but drop your eyes In deference "wider!" What did he just say????? Whilst you'd like to resist there's something about the tone that makes your knees part
He's now looking straight up your skirt at your creamy thighs " lean back just a little" my god he's going to see my pussy! "You wanted guys to look at you so that's exactly what I'm going to do, so be a good girl and oblige me!" At that you feel the heat in your pussy Betray you and you lean back legs drifting further

"Undo your shirt" without thinking your hand obeys before you can decide to do it or not, the voice is very erotic by its commanding nature, you start to unbutton showing off the pink bra underneath

"Take it off" which you do, now you will do what ever he says without thought

You remove the shirt he then flicks his eye and you realise the bra has to come off too, no point resisting now and you feel the cool air in the office on your breasts, your nipples hardening which seems to please him

He suddenly stands and steps over to you gripping your ass in one hand while the other cups one of your tits squeezing hard, "your mine now" he growls

His hand moves round to pull the skirt, what there is of it, up roughly while his hand cups your pussy his middle finger runs through your lips feeling how wet you are "enjoying this? – you seem to be" he nips your nipple hard as he says this suddenly his finger penetrates you which makes your knees wobble slightly and you groan while he rocks his hand inside you

He pushes down on your shoulder "on your knees" which you do gladly looking up at him as he stands above you, you notice the bulge in his trousers when you let your gaze drift down slightly, he's noticed the look, "oh yes that's for you!" And he starts to undohis belt

Next the button is undone, then slowly he undoes the zip, you'd never noticed how loud a zip can be, you lick your lips with anticipation as his trouser drops past his knees and you see the outline of his cock straining in his pants, he reaches in a pulls out his stiff thick cock, not huge but a decent size is your immediate thought
He grips it in his hand as you look up, and eh slowly wanks it back and forth a little then those two words are uttered
"Suck it!"
You reach up and grip it opening your mouth and letting your lips slide over the end, savouring the taste, the heat, the saltiness, the hardness of it as your mouth envelops it your hand stroking as you move your mouth up and down taking more and more of it in, "damn that's goooood" he says which Spurs you on, working your lips up and down, licking and teasing the end then plunging deep

His hips buck each time you go down and you grip his ass cheeks working your mouth deeper and deeper as he fucks you always looking down at you as you do
You feel his legs quiver slightly and suddenly he grips your head, taking a handful of hair as he spurts once, twice, the f***e makes you pull back and the third hits across your chin and chest as you look up his eyes aren't k you know they're looking up at the ceiling as his chest heaves

As he regains his breath and composure your sitting there cum dripping from your chin which you can't help but scoop up with your fingers and swallow "good girl " he says with a smile, "clean yourself up and be back here tomorrow, same time , we'll continue then!" At that he reaches down and pulls his pants and trousers up turning away leaving you to decide your next move……

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