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Celebrity Surrender with Anne Heche and Linda Blai

After the huge success of Ronda Rousey making her sexfighting debut, the folks at Ultimate Surrender were looking to add on to the list of celebrities getting down and dirty. Ariel and her staff were busy sending out all sorts of feelers and invitations to anyone they thought might be interested. There wasn't much response, except for a handful of negative replies. Most of the calls went unanswered, and Ariel just summed it up to nobody wanting to be the first to get involved. She optimistically figured that once she got a match or two, more and more women would be willing to give it a try. The only positive reply came from former scream queen Linda Blair, who was more than willing to try her luck. It turns out she has followed Ultimate Surrender since the days of Janay and Crimson Ninja and was a huge fan of the site.
After word of mouth made the rounds that Linda was interested, Ariel started to receive a few responses, mostly second rate celebrities and B-movie actresses who were eager to get back in the spotlight. However the graphic nature of the sport made most people hesitant to sign up. Ariel was amazed at all the famous stars that were fans of the erotic nude wrestling website. Besides Linda, she drew interest from Ellen's ex-girlfriend Anne Heche, former Star Trek hottie Denise Crosby, perky SNL alum Cheri Oteri, infamous ice skater Tonya Harding, and a handful of reality TV stars like busty babe Brandi Passante of 'Storage Wars, 'Pawn Stars' cutie Olivia Black, and several former 'Survivor' castaways including Kat Edorsson, Alicia Calaway, Jenn Brown and Stephenie LaGrossa. It wasn't quite Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie, but it was a start.
Slender blonde actress Anne Heche agreed to do it, and the first Celebrity Surrender match pitting her against Linda Blair was on. Other than their infatuation with nude wrestling, about the only thing the two actresses had in common was memorable nude shower scenes from women's prison movies.
The girls showed up at the Mission ready for their match and the right to 'strap it on'. Ariel was the referee and looked smoking hot in her one-piece striped official's leotard. The two fighters were familiar with the format and eager to impose their will on the other. Anne walked onto the mat looking great in her lavender bikini. The slinky 47-year-old with shoulder length blonde hair had a surprisingly athletic body, with a gorgeous ass, small firm breats and a flat stomach you could strike a match off. Her opponent was shorter but had about a twenty pound advantage over Anne. Linda was sporting a black bikini that could barely contain her large melons and curvaceous ass. It was a sharp contrast as Linda's fleshy body jiggled with every step, compared to her tight bodied foe. The 57-year-old B-movie veteran was starting to show her age, a far cry from her days starring in 'The Exorcist' and 'Roller Boogie'.
The match began rather awkwardly, with the inexperienced wrestlers circling each other trying to feel the other out. Anne drew first bl**d, taking Linda down and sitting on her busty opponent, but couldn't get any hand control to score more points. The scene may have been erotic, but the two actresses didn't have much going for them as far as wrestling skill. Linda reversed Anne and pinned her arms back schoolgirl style. She leaned in and kissed the skinny blonde's tits scoring a few style points, then undid her string bikini top and tossed it aside. Linda continued to munch on Anne's tiny breasts, as she squirmed beneath her. The big-titted brunette was starting to take control and reached into Anne's bottoms, fingering her, causing the struggling blonde to scream in protest. Linda wheeled around and sat on Anne's face, stifling her cries, while she removed her skimpy lavender bottoms. She wiggled her large round ass, rubbing it up against her opponent, who fighting just to catch her breath. Linda reached up to control her rival's flailing legs and cupped her hand on Anne's fluffy muff, drawing another loud moan from the exasperated wrestler.
The horn sounded to end the period and Linda had a sizable lead over the pale white actress. The second and third rounds were more of the same as Anne couldn't get anything going against her short, busty opponent. Every time she tried to make a move, Linda overpowered her and ended up sitting on her face. At the end, Linda prevailed with a substantial 200-point win.
Round four came around, and unlike Ronda Rousey's match, the cameras kept rolling. Ariel lifted Linda's arm in victory and encouraged the the busty brunette to take her prize. Linda looked smoking hot wearing the big black strapon, and was ready to use it. She had the loser kneel on the mat and suck her cock, urging Anne to spit on it to get it nice and wet. Linda got into her role, trash talking her beaten rival, teasing that she probably never sucked a cock before. Linda helped the loser along by grabbing her head and guiding it up and down her shaft. “How's it feel to be a loser?” she sneered while watching Anne suck her cock.
Linda pulled her wet cock away and leaned in, demanding that the sniffling blonde suck on her titties. She grabbed a hanging globe and fed it to her overwhelmed foe, who had no choice but to suck on it. Linda enjoyed the attention, but couldn't wait to fuck her loser friend.
She told Anne to get on all fours, where she walked around behind her and playfully spanked her firm white ass that was sticking straight up in the air. Linda got to her knees and leaned in licking Anne's pussy asking what it felt like to be her bitch. She didn't shy away from Anne's tight asshole either, licking her tiny tight hole, bragging that she could do anything she wanted.
The dominant busty bitch stepped up and inserted her wet cock in Anne's slick pussy, causing the helpless blonde to whine loudly one more time. She fucked the skinny blonde hard, thrusting her big black dildo in and out with relative ease. Anne had her face on the floor with her bony ass sticking up as Linda continued to pound her pussy from behind. She spanked her ass a few more times enjoying the total domination. Linda pulled out and laid back on the mat and had Anne sit on her cock reverse cowgirl style. Linda had a firm hold of Anne's small firm butt cheeks that were now beet red from the spankings. She squeezed tightly as Anne bounced on her fake cock, caving in with a shuddering orgasm. Linda wasn't about to miss out on the sexual gratification and pushed Anne back to the floor. She got up and slipped out of the strapon and planted her hairy pussy on Anne's face, ordering her to start licking. She reached down rubbing herself while Anne did her best to tongue the winner. Anne winced in disgust as Linda continued to grind her smelly pussy up against her face. A small stream of Linda's juices ran down Anne's chin as she struggled to lap it up. Linda got the climax she was looking for and got up, firing one more nasty look at her beaten opponent snickering “Bitch” at Anne, before heading to the showers victorious.
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