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Chance meeting with Stacie

I had to get this online as soon as I could as it was a total shock to me.

I entered the office and walked quietly to where she was standing by the fax machine. Most of the staff had left for the day, but the boss was around and some drivers were still on the premises.

I don’t know why, but I patted Stacie’s cute arse as she bent over the machine. You see Stacie and I have worked together for over four years but don’t exactly see eye to eye.

Stacie is the office manager and I am just a driver, she always looks hot and I am mostly dirty and unshaven. On this occasion I was clean, having just used the shower, and had just put on deodorant and fresh clothes so I smelled really good.

Without even turning around to see who had his hands on her butt, Stacie just moaned and said how nice it felt. She then turned to face me and said, ‘I knew it was you’.

I looked her up and down, and commented on how good she looked even though she was nearly six months pregnant.

Stacie’s once tiny boobs had swelled to a nice handful and with her blouse partially unbuttoned they looked good enough to eat. I don’t know what made me do it but I could not resist running a finger down her chest and between her boobs until it was wedged between the swollen pair.

I removed my finger, smiled at her and walked out of the office without a word passing between us. I was so surprised at what I had just gotten away with — you see, I am 20 years Stacie’s senior, she is tiny and gorgeous, while I am an overweight lorry driver — and I did now have quite a lump in my jeans.

I walked back to my lorry and was planning where to park for the night when the phone rang. I knew it was the office calling and I guessed it would be Stacie. She gave me my instructions for the following day and never mentioned the incident ten minutes earlier. Stacie asked where I would be parking up for the night as this has to be recorded in the office for security reasons. I told her, of course, and went on my way.

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