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Claire – Chapter 2

Introduction: Sam Meets Claire DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of COMPLETE FICTION. Any likeness to individuals or events is unknown and unintended. This story contain descriptions about a sexual relationship between a young girl and a adult man. If you find such subject matter to be offensive, PLEASE STOP READING NOW !!!!! It is not my intent to offend you.

This story is a continuation of Claire Chapter 1 and there are numerous references to that first story. I would encourage you to read Chapter1 first to bring the two stories together but in any case I hope you find this story entertaining.

Claire – Chapter 2

It began so innocently. It was just a simple statement by my daughter that put the entire chain of events in motion. All she had said was that she was going to start babysitting.

Youre what? was my response.

I said Im going to start babysitting was her reply.

Why? I asked incredulously.

Well, Megans sister said that the reason she thinks she got chosen over other people for an internship at the college was because she had babysitting experience and the other people did not was her answer.

And how to you expect to find a child to baby sit for?

Actually, Ive got it all arranged already

With who?

The daughter of the lady who drives that car you love so much. I knew exactly who she meant but I did not she realize that she had a daughter. But I remember the lady vividly, in fact I thought of her often. She was quite possibly the most attractive woman Ive ever seen, at least from the neck up since I had never seen her outside of the car. And I did not really love the car, a yellow corvette convertible that always had the top down. But my daughter had caught me staring at the lady driving the car on several occasions and I had used the excuse that I loved the car as the reason I was staring. At first I did not remember ever seeing a young girl in the car but after thinking back I did kind of remember seeing some hair blowing around in the passenger seat. Over time I had determined that the lady actually only lived about 3 blocks from us and in our subdivision. Since the subdivision only has two exits and she lived along one of the exits I went past her house often. Every time I went by the house I looked in the yard to she would be outside but I never did see her. Ralph, a retired guy I knew who lived a few houses away from her, had told me a few things about her. She was a single mom and apparently a computer genius of some kind making big money as a private contractor for a Fortune 500 company that had their home office in our town. And according to Ralph, who was 75, her body would give a dead man a hard on!

This is the lady that was going to pick up my daughter at 6 PM this coming Friday. I dressed a little nicer than normal that evening but not so much that my daughter would pick up on it. Of course by the time that the lady was to arrive there were about 10 kids in the basement already starting the nights fun. The fact that my daughter was not going to be there with them did not seem to change anything! A few minutes after 6 PM I heard a door shut and a few seconds after that the door bell rang. I was expecting that she was going to be attractive but not prepared for how beautiful she really was when I opened the door.

Hi, Im Sam I said as I stuck out my hand.

Hi Sam, my name is Stacy Scott she said in a soft voice. As we shook hands I was surprised at how fragile her hand felt and I was afraid to squeeze any as we shook hands. I would guess that she was 5-10 years younger than me and the fragrance of her perfume enveloped me. She was slightly taller than normal and on the slim side. With her long slender arms and legs it made me wondered if she had breast enlargement performed since her breast seemed to be slightly big for her thin body. Her face shape was that of high cheek bones, small mouth and a slightly pointed chin. The blouse and skirt she was wearing were very conservative in styling but tailored so as to accent her perfect figure. She was without a doubt to most beautiful woman I had ever met. Ralph was correct in accessing her attractiveness.

Come on in, my daughter is ready but shes downstairs with her friends.

It sounds like there quite a party going on down there.

Yeah, its like this most nights. Sometimes I think Im running a teen club and a small motel in my basement.

She gave a laugh, So kids spend a lot of time here?

Theres someone here all the time and hardly a night goes by when someones not staying over.

You dont mind these kids being here all the time?

No, I kind of enjoy all the activity that it creates.

Im not sure that I would like that much noise in my house all the time.

Youd be surprised how quick you get use to it was my reply.

About that time my daughter walked in to the room. Hi Ms. Scott, sorry I wasnt waiting for you.

Thats okay Katie. You sure you want to leave with all your friends downstairs she asked.

Sure, most of them are spending the night anyway my daughter said.

Okay then, lets go. Sam, it was nice meeting you.

As they walked out the door I thought about what I was going to have to do to make it possible to see this woman more often. I just could not believe how beautiful she was. One time I came upon a photo shoot with professional models for a major retailers clothing book and Stacy was without a doubt better looking than any of those models. How am I going to find a way to see her more often than just though my daughters baby sitting contacts? My daughter got back home shortly after midnight and I was hoping that Stacy would walk into the house with her so I could meet her again but she just dropped Katie off instead. I asked my daughter how her first job went.

Well, okay I guess was her reply.

Was there a problem?

No, Im just not sure why Claire needs a babysitter

Didnt you say she was just 11 years old?

Yeah! But dad, shes so mature! Other than her size she acts and talks like a mom

What do you mean by that?

I dont know. Its just weird having a young girl talking so, so adult like.

Can you give me an example?

Its just like, she uses words that you dont hear kids use, more like the kind of words that you use. And smart! I saw the math book shes using. Its the very same book I using and Im 4 years older than her! I guess the daughter had inherited her mothers intelligence.

So does that mean you dont want to baby sit her anymore? I was hoping the answer would be no otherwise my chances of seeing Stacy would drop off drastically.

Oh no, I had a lot of fun with her. Its just that it feels like Im hanging with someone whos older than me than babysitting for someone younger than me is all. If anything she probably should be babysitting for me!

I changed the subject. So what did you think of the house?

Its VERY nice on the inside, bet they used a professional decorator. And clean! Theres not a speck of dust anywhere and theres nothing just lying around. I mean, theres not even a piece of paper just laying on a counter. Theres one thing that I noticed that a little weird though.

Whats that?

Well, how the bedrooms are used. The house has three bedrooms, one bedroom is set up as an office, another bedroom looks like its an unused guest room and then there is the master bedroom.

I thought for a second about what she was implying. So where does Claire sleep.

Thats the thing Dad, I think she sleeps with her mom.

Surly not

I think so Dad. Claire wanted to show me an outfit she had just got and we went to the master bedroom to see it. One side of the walk in closet is for Claires clothes and the other side for her moms clothes, and all their clothes are all designer brands! Anyway, she also has a dresser in that same room that has her folded clothes, bras, underwear and socks in it too!

I bet there is another bedroom in the house that you did not see.

Could be but I did not see any closed doors that we walked past. And why would she have her clothes in a different room than where she sleeps? Anyway that guess room did not look like anyone has slept in it either.

That is weird

Yeah. And theres something else a sly smile came to my daughters face. Her mom said she was going to eat out and go shopping tonight. Well, it looks like she went shopping for a guy.


Yep, this good looking guy came home with her. And the way he was acting I suspect that hes spending the night.

Maybe thats what the guest room is for I responded.

Yeah, right! Hey, guess how much I got paid for sitting.

You said thought you would get paid between twenty and thirty dollars.
Sixty bucks.

Youve got to be kidding. She really didnt pay you that much did she?

She sure did! I told her that it was too much but she said that her daughter deserved the best so she wanted to pay for the best.

Maybe I should start babysitting this girl I joked.

Dont even think about it. If this keeps up Im going to quit working for you since she pays better!

I could not help but think about what my daughter had said about the sleeping arrangements. Even though my daughter was only 15 she had an uncanny ability to read people and situations. She was probably also right about the guy spending the night too, lucky him. The idea that the mom and daughter slept together was a little far fetched though. I made it a point to drive past their house early the next morning and sure enough there was a strange car in the drive.

After that night my daughter began babysitting for Claire just about every Friday night and I could tell that my daughter now considered Claire to be a friend that she just happened to get paid to visit with. And every time that Stacy picked up Katie she came into the house so I got a chance to visit with her more often. I found myself becoming more and more drawn to Stacy. Not only was Stacy the best looking woman I had ever seen she was without a doubt the best dressed woman I had ever seen. Every time I saw her she was dressed immaculately, the clothing and jewelry was always simple but very elegant. The trouble I had in getting to know Stacy better was that the only time I had a chance to talk to her was the few seconds she was picking up my daughter. So how do I approach Stacy about seeing her away from the babysitting setting and what would my daughter think about that? But during the next six or seven times that my daughter was over at their house on Friday nights Stacy brought home a different guy on two more occasions and each time there was a strange car in the drive the next morning. And my daughter became more convinced that Claire and her mom slept together at nights. Then one night after a guy came home again with Stacy my daughter accidentally left her phone in the bedroom that acted as an office. She went back early Saturday morning to get the phone and Claire answered the door. Katie said that it appeared as if the doorbell had woke Claire. My daughter said that as they walked down the hall towards the office she looked in the master bedroom and sure enough the guy and Stacy were asleep in the bed. She made it a point to mention that the guest bed had not been slept in and the living room couch did not look like anyone had slept there either. So where DID Claire sleep that night? In the bed with her mom and the guy?

Then came that Saturday when Stacy asked my daughter to go shopping with her and Claire. They were gone most of the afternoon. When my daughter came home she was in a daze.

What happened I asked.

Youre not going to believe it! It started normally enough. We went to that really expensive womans clothing place at the corner of Washington and Pine Streets. All the sales clerks in there knew Claire and her mom by their first name so theyve had to been there a lot. Anyway, Claire and her mom picked out 3 or 4 outfits each and then Claires mom told me to pick out a few for myself. I told her that I had not brought enough money with me to buy anything but she said it was her treat. I told her I couldnt let her do that but she kept insisting. So I pick out one outfit t make her happy and then Claire and her mom picked out two more outfits for me! Ms. Scott then pays for everything and back to their house we go. Your not going to believe what happened next.

What? I was asked.

We go into their bedroom and they strip off all their clothes right in front of me and start trying on the clothes they just bought.

What do you mean they stripped off all their clothes?

Just that

They didnt take off all their clothes did they?

They sure did! They were both completely nude in right front of me. I was so shocked I could hardly talk. But they both acted as if this was a normal thing to do for them. They were not a bit embarrassed to be nude in front of each other or me!

I was afraid to ask the next question but had to. Katie, you didnt take off your clothes did you?

Yeah but I left my bra and panties on as I tried on my new clothes. But I mean they took off ALL their clothes. After a while I got a little use to seeing them nude as they tried on different outfits so it didnt bother me as much. Thats the craziest thing thats ever happened to me.

Kattie, did they do anything inappropriate to you? You know, like touch or say something they shouldnt have said?

Nope, not a thing. It just caught me by surprise is all. But it sure didnt seem to bother them to be standing nude around me!

You okay? I asked.

Sure. I just wasnt prepared for what happened is all. Im good. A smile came across her face. Dad, you should see Claires mom without any clothes on! Oh My God is she ever built! I hope I have a body like that some day!

Katie, I dont want to hear the details. Okay? Actually, I very much wanted to hear the details. And I very much wanted to see Stacy nude! If Claire and her mother were that comfortable being nude with each other, and even in front of my daughter, maybe my daughter was right, maybe they did sleep together. Would they sleep together nude? I found myself starting to get aroused by the thought of that.

School was ending the following week and Stacy asked if Claire could stay at our house during the weekdays this summer. Katie was okay with Claire coming over, like I said Katie now considered Claire to be more of a friend than anything else. Besides, with all the kids around the house whats one more? It was the third day of school being out before I came home for lunch and met Claire for the first time. I was so surprised by her appearance that at first that I had trouble focusing on what to say. Where most of the girls that hang out at the house dress very casual to almost sloppy, Claire was fashionably dressed and her outfit was finely tailored. Her face resembled her mothers but I found it to be even more attractive. And while most 11 year olds have an undefined body shape Claire had the body definition of an adult model, her body was shaped exactly like that of her moms, tall and slim with breast a little bigger than expected. Where you would expect a model to have a curve or a bump, Claire did and in the exact right proportions, just at a smaller scale. It was only in her height and by her face that you could see her youth. I had always thought that my daughter, Alex and Jessie were very attractive girls and based on how many guys were at my house I suspect I was right. But Claire was at a completely different level than those three girls. Between her face and body I was overwhelmed by her looks. My daughter had never mentioned to me about Claires beauty.

As we sat at the table with some of the other kids eating lunch and there were two other things that stunned me about Claire. The first was her vocabulary and sentence structure. Katy was right in when she said that Claire spoke like an adult. Claire used descriptive words that I had not heard any kid use and there were a few I had to look up in the dictionary later to find their exact meaning. And it was not like she was trying to show off her knowledge or intelegence, the words just seemed to flow from her mouth without any conscientious thought on her part. It was the second thing that not only shocked but scared me though. Several times when no one else was looking I caught Claire giving me what I always referred to as the lets fuck stare. Anyone who has ever seen someone of the opposite sex stare at them with unabashed sexual lust knows exactly what I mean. Id seen this stare before and it has ALWAYS ended up in sex, every single time. And here was an 11 year old girl giving me this very same stare. If she was an innocent 11 year old then it could be nothing more than her being curious about my personality or demeanor. But if she was a sexually active child then the stare meant exactly what the name implied. I found myself becoming both aroused and scared at the same time!

With me eating lunch at the house 2-3 times a week, and Claire usually staying late on Friday nights when her mom went out, I got to see and know much Claire better. Claire and I talked often, more so than I did with the other kids in the house. The reason was that it seemed that Claire and I shared more of the same interest about things than I did with the other kids. I had bought a motorcycle chopper kit a few years ago and spent a lot of my spare time in the garage/pool house assembling it. Claire seemed to enjoy hanging out in the garage with me as I put the bike together and even helped me some in assembling the bike. We spent a lot of time talking with just the two of in the shop while the other kids swam in the pool. At times I had to remind myself that I was talking to a child and not an adult because we could talk about almost any subject. If she did not understand what I was talking about she had the ability to ask specific questions that allowed her to understand quickly. She was obviously an extremely intelligent child. During our conversations Claire never commented on about what happened in her house or the sleeping arrangements but several times she would say something that seemed to confirm my daughters suspicions that she slept with her mom. And then there were two comments that, if you went on the premise that she was sexually active, made things seem even more bizarre. One comment made me think that she actually had some kind of sexual relationship with her mom. The other comment seemed to imply that not only had she been in the room when her mother was having sex with a man but that she had joined in and the two of them had sex with the guy at the same time! DAMN!

I began to feel that there were sexual undertones in how Claire treated me but my daughter acted as if nothing unusual was going on so I thought I might be getting overly obsessed about Claires sexuality. Claire was not doing anything obvious but it was little things, like brushing up against me, laying her hands on me and she kept giving me that stare when no one else was looking. I felt that the sexual advances by Claire were getting more obvious by the week but neither my daughter nor anyone else seemed to notice it. Claires swimming suit was a perfect example. At first Claire was wearing a very modest one piece swimming suit that covered everything and did not show any body shape but after a few weeks she showed up in a two piece suit. Compared to what the other girls were wearing it was still modest but did show more of the top and sides of her breast and quite a bit of her little butt cheeks stuck out from the bottom of the suit. The new suit also showed how her body was shaped and it was amazing to see that a small body could have such perfect proportions, if there had been nothing near by for a size comparison you would have thought she was an adult based on the shape of her body. None of the other girls thought anything about the change of suits other than the name brand and cost of the suit, apparently it was an expensive suit. But then Claire started wearing her bathing suit around me when there was no reason for her to do so. And at times she would leave the top a little loose and if I looked down I would see the entire top of her breast. One time as we worked on the bike the top was so loose I actually saw the top of a nipple.

Then came the day when Claire and I were alone in the kitchen and she was wearing a white, button down blouse. I did not realize that she was not wearing a bra and that two extra buttons had been left unbuttoned or became unbuttoned so that the shirt was basically open almost down to her naval. I was sitting at the table and Claire had walked up to table on my right side and bent her waist slightly over the table. She had turned her shoulders left towards me as she spoke and when I turned and looked right to respond to her, I had a clear view of her right breast and nipple! I was so shocked by the sight of that bare breast just inches from my face that I became mesmerized by it. So much so that I did not pick up on the fact that Claire was watching me stare at her breast. When I finally came to my senses and looked up at her face I was shocked to see a grin on her face.

Im sorry Claire, I shouldnt have done that.

Its okay, I didnt mind she said.

No, it was wrong of me to stare. I should have turned away.

Claire actually laughed. I enjoyed seeing the expression on your face!

It wont happen again I promised.

And I hope it does she said smiling. She made no attempt to do anything that would cover her breast and stayed in that same position so that I could look at her breast again if I wanted to. I tried as hard as I could to keep looking in her eyes but was not able to control myself, I lowered my eyes and stared at her breast and nipple again. As I stared I kept telling myself to stop but I could not take my eyes off that beautiful breast. After about 10-20 seconds some kids came into the kitchen from behind us so she left the kitchen a different way and I could see her buttoning her shirt as she walked out. A few nights later when it was only me and my daughter in the house my daughter said she wanted to talk to me about something. My daughter is keen on picking up on things so I was not surprised about what she wanted to talk about, in fact I expected this discussion weeks ago.

Dad, I think that Claire likes you

Well I like her too honey, shes a nice kid

No Dad, I mean that she really likes you

And I really like her too honey

NO DAD, I mean, I thinks she wants you to be her boyfriend.

Oh honey, Im older than her mom! Shes not going to be interested in someone my age.

Dad, I see the ways she looks at you. Im telling you shes thinking about you in a boyfriend kind of way.

Im sure your wrong honey.

I dont think so.

But I knew my daughter was right. If Claire was an average 11 year old I would have said it was just a crush on a father like figure. But with the sexual environment I was suspecting that Claire had at home, her exposing her breast to me several times now and that lets fuck stare she kept giving me, I suspected there was a good chance that Claire was wanting to have sex with me. I had fantasized several times in the past weeks thinking about how it would look and feel to have sex with Claire and the thought that it could actually happen excited me, but the thought of it also scared me terribly. I remembered how close I came to having sex with Franke several years ago and later how relieved I was when it didnt happen. But I had a strong feeling that inevitably something was going to happen between Claire and me, I just didnt know when or where it would happen.

It happened three days later.

It was a Saturday morning and my daughter, Alex and Jessie plus Jessies mother had all gone to some kind of event. I knew the event was going to be over around 11:30 AM so with a 30 minute drive back to the house my daughter would not be back before noon. If they stopped for lunch that would take an extra hour, if they went shopping who knows when they would be back. Claire was having a birthday next week so while they were gone I went to the clothing store where my daughter had gone with Claire and her mom to buy Claire a present from my daughter and I. My daughter was right, everyone there knew Stacy and Claire. If fact when I mentioned that I was trying to buy a birthday present for Claire they knew exactly what she wanted. It turned out that Claire and her mom had been trying to buy a certain outfit but the store never had the right size. The correct size had came in this morning and they sold the outfit to me promising not to tell of my purchase. I went back to the house, wrapped the present and then started working in the garage. The garage goes around the side and rear of the pool house and has garage doors that open towards the pool and the backyard. It was about 10 AM and I was in the garage door facing the pool area and working on the lawn mower when the outside bell gonged indicating someone had rang the front door bell. When I opened the front door there was Claire.

Hi Mr. J

Hey girl! What you up to today.

I stopped by to see if I could soak up some sun by the pool and work on my tan.

One of the rules I had for myself was that only my daughter, Jessie or Alex could be in the house alone with me. I considered Jessie and Alex to be my daughters also, so much so that they also had keys to my house so they could come and go as they wanted. It was not unusual for them to be in the house alone with me and no one thought anything about that. Yes, I had seen them nude a few years ago and seen them partially nude many times, but never had I thought about those three girls in sexual terms. That was not the case with Claire. Not only was I thinking about her in sexual terms I felt sure she was thinking the same about me! My mind was going over how I was going to explain to Claire the reasons that I did not allow anyone to be in the house alone with me when out of my mouth came,

Sure, come on in. Where did that come from? We walked through the house, down the steps to the basement and out onto the pool deck without saying a word to each other. I felt sexual tension and/or fear thought out my entire body, I knew something was going to happen but just not what. I stopped and turned towards her.

I thought your tan looked fine

It was until mom bought me a new suit. Now I need new tan lines

As she was speaking she was removing her shirt. OH MY GOD! Her new suit top was a fraction the size of her old top. The top piece of the suit tied behind her back and neck and had two small triangles of cloth in front that only covered about half her breast. As Claire removed her shorts I saw that the new bottoms were lot smaller too. They were made of two narrow, long triangles that had the tips fasten together between her legs and the other ends were held together with loose bows on each side of the hips. The new suit was so much smaller than the old suit that there was lot of white skin showing.

What do you think? Like the suit?

I could not talk at first. Uh, yeah, I see what you mean about needing new tan lines was all that I said.

You can go ahead with what ever you were doing, Im just going to lay here Claire said.


I had to leave. I was not expecting anyone this morning so all I was wearing was a loose tee shirt and cotton gym shorts with no underwear. As I turn away from her I had a partial erection that was starting to create a small tent in the front of my shorts. When I got to the garage I took up a position where I could see her but doubted that she could make out my shape behind all the tools and equipment between us. Claire laid back on a pool chair and began to apply lotion. Watching her rub on the lotion on that little body started to give me more of an erection. When she got to her breast she put some lotion on her fingers and stuck her hand under the suit and started rubbing the entire breast, not just the areas that were white. It seemed to me that she was actually fondling herself. Then she laid her head back on the pool chair and closed her eyes as she continued to rub the lotion on her breast. It even looked like she stopped and pinched her nipples several times. Watching her was starting to cause me to get yet more of an erection. I turned away so I could not watch what she was doing and even then it took probably 20 minutes for the erection to go completely away.


I walked out of the garage to where Claire was. She was in the process of rolling over to lay face down on the pool chair.

Yeah Claire?

Could you put some lotion on my back for me? I knew that this was THE moment. I had never in my life touched a girl sexually that had come into my house. After what happened with Franke two years ago I had always made sure not to put myself in a position where I would have to touch a girl. If I was to start this I might be starting something that I was not sure I had the will power to stop if I changed my mind. I sat down on the footstool by her left side facing her upper torso. Without a second thought I put the lotion on my fingers and began to rub the lotion onto her lower back with my right fingers. As soon as I started doing that Claire reached behind her and untied the knot behind her neck and the knot behind her back that held the suit top to her body. I admired her young body as I rubbed the lotion on her bare back from her shoulders to the top of the suit bottom. As I was rubbing in the lotion around her shoulders Claire spoke.

I dont want to get burnt there either. At first I didnt pick up on what she meant but then looked down and watched as she reached her hands down besides her hips and untied the bows holding her suit bottom together.

Would you put lotion on those white areas also?

I put more lotion on my fingers and slid them under her suit bottom. I made no attempt to act as if I was only putting the lotion on the areas of white skin, I fondled her entire butt cheeks. I grabbed the suit bottom and slowly pulled it completely off her body and laid it on the chair exposing her entire bare backside to me. I was in a daze. Here was an 11 year old, with the body of a model, lying basically nude in front of me. How far do I go with this? How far will she go with this? I rubbed the slick lotion on her entire bare back side, from her ankles to her shoulders. Claire had raised her arms up over her head as I was rubbing on the lotion and I could see part of her left breast bulging outward from being flattened out on the chair. As I was running my left hand up the left side of her back I thought about lowering my hand enough so that I could rub the part of her breast bulging outward. But just as my hand got to that area she rolled over on her right side far enough that her left breast raised off the chair, I knew she was offering the breast to me. I so wanted to cup that breast in my hand, to feel its weight, firmness, and watch it change shapes as I fondled it. So far it COULD be said that I was just putting lotion on for her, to rub lotion on her breast might be crossing the line. I was able to avoid her breast but it took all my will power. I ran my hands back down over her bare butt and continued down her legs to her feet. As I started back up her legs Claire spread her knees apart till they touched the edges of the chair and then raised her hips ever so slightly exposing that area between her legs to me. I was surprised to see that she was hairless between her legs. I stopped momentarily and just stared for what seemed a long time. I was entranced by the bare slit of her vagina and the puckered opening of her rectum. I thought about putting my hands on both butt cheeks and spreading them apart for even a better view but knew that would be crossing the line for sure. Finally I moved my hand again and went around the vaginal opening but did run my middle finger up the crack of her ass. As I went across her rectum I felt her push up against my finger and I think the tip of my finger actually entered her rectum ever so slightly! As I rubbed her butt cheeks I started fantasying about how it would look and feel to drop my shorts, straddle the pool chair, grab those narrow hips and lift her up to her knees and enter her tight little cunt from behind with my big thick cock. DAMN THAT WOULD FEEL AND LOOK OH SO GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I froze when I felt her left hand on my right leg. She slowly started rubbing my right leg softly with her hand and then she started raising her hand higher and higher on my leg. I started to massage her rectum with my finger as I watched and felt her hand go higher up my leg and then over my knee. Claire had been looking backwards over her left shoulder in my direction and now I finally realized what she was looking at, since I was not wearing any underwear my cock had been laying along my right leg as it got hard. Now with a full erection it was trying to spring up but the cloth of the leg opening was keeping it from happening causing a tent to form in the right leg of my shorts. Claire had a direct view into my shorts, she probably could see the head of my cock, the lower half of the shaft and possibly my balls. The size of my cock did not seem to scare her, in fact she was now stretching her long, thin body backwards trying to get her hand closer to my cock. Did she want to wrap that little hand around it? I actually started to raise my hips to slide forward on the stool so she could reach my shaft but instead I stood up.

There, that should keep you from burning.

Want me to put some lotion on you so you dont burn?

Uh, thanks, but I better get back to work

Are you sure


As we talked she continued to look upwards and she even moved her head slightly so she still would have a direct view up into my shorts at my full erection. There was no hiding from her the effect she was having on me and she seemed slightly amused at my discomfort. Then she looked directly into my eyes and said,

Do You Want Me To Take Care Of That For You? Then she lowered her eyes and stared directly at my erection again.

I think Id better get back to work

Are you sure?


As I turned away and walked back to the garage I thought, did I hear her correctly? Did she just ask if I wanted her to take care of my erection? How was she going to do that, by bringing me to an orgasm? And how would she have done that, with her hands, her mouth, both? Was she going to do right there, right now? I could not do any work after what had just happened, all I could focus on was how it felt as I rubbed that small body, how she had moved to allow me to see her bare vagina and rectum, how she offered to allow me to rub her breast and what she had just said. I dreamt about how it would have looked and felt if she would have had taken care of my erection with her hands and mouth. What am I going to do about Claire? I was enjoying seeing and feeling that young body but I cant have her laying around here nude. Then I thought, what if my daughters came home now and saw her laying basically naked sunning herself with no one else here? Especially since Katie already had picked up on that Claire was thinking of me as a boyfriend.

She has to get her clothes back on before the girls get back! I walked out to where Claire was still sunning herself while laying on her stomach and sat down on the footstool beside her again.

Hey Claire?

Yeah Mr. J

Katie and the other girls are going to be back anytime now. It might be better if you put your clothes back on before they get back.

Sure, Im about done anyway.

I expected Claire to fasten the suit top and bottom to her body before sitting up but she didnt. She just climbed off the pool chair and stood up directly in front of me complete nude. It was the most beautiful, sexy body I had ever seen. She watched as I stared at her body and she stood still for a long time letting me have a good long look. I was fascinated by her long thin arms and slender legs, the perfectly shaped breast and nipples, the hip bones jutting out at her flat waist. I looked up into her eyes and she smiled. I lower my eyes and stared again at that smooth, perfect, hairless body for what seemed like forever. Claire was not a bit embarrassed to be standing nude in front of me.

Maybe some day we can lie out together Claire said.

Yeah, uh, look Claire. The girls are likely to walk through door any second. You really need to get dressed.

Sure, I understand

The problem was that instead of putting on her clothes first and then packing she did just the opposite, she began to put her suit, towel and lotion in the bag as she was still nude. As she turned away from me to pack the bag she bent over right in front of me. I almost had an orgasm seeing how those long slender legs turned into little butt cheeks, the wide gap between her legs and her small bare rectum and vagina at eye level just a few feet away. All I could think about was how I would like to get on my knees behind her right now, spread those small cheeks apart with my hands and use my tongue to taste that rectum and vagina. By the time she got done bending and twisting while putting things away and putting on her clothes I had another full erection. Finally she was completely dressed.

See ya later Mr. J

Okay Claire.

As soon as she left all I could think about was what had just happened, what could have happened and how good it would have felt if it would have happened. What was I going to do? I could not have sex with an 11, okay, next week a 12 year old girl. I was like an addict, I knew that what I wanted was bad for me and that I shouldnt do it but I could not stop myself. So I decided that I would beat my addiction like a lot of addicts do, go cold turkey. The next week I never came home for lunch and I knew that since Friday was Claires birthday and her mom was taking her out Friday night I would not see her then either. Then I would stay away from the house as much as possible during the weekend. If I was at the house I would make sure my daughter would be there also so that even if Claire did stop by my daughters presence would keep anything from happening. If I stayed away from the house again during lunch the following week and also again that Friday night that would be almost two weeks of not seeing Claire. The week after that Katie and I were leaving on a two week vacation so I would have not seen Claire in over 4 weeks. That would be long enough wouldnt it? The trouble began on Saturday when my daughter decided to go the mall with her friends at the very last minute. I was in the process of leaving the house myself shortly after she left when I heard the door bell ring. When I opened the door there stood Claire. It felt awkward seeing her again after what happen last week.

Well, hows the birthday girl!

Im okay Mr.J

Do you feel a year older I joked.

Nope, feel the same

So what are you up to today?

I just saw the Katie and the other girls and Katie said I should stop by to see you but would not say why. So I had mom dropped me off on the way home

At first I could not think of why Katie would have told her to come by the house either but then I remembered the gift I had bought for Claire. I had almost decided not to give Claire a birthday gift after what happened last week but at the same time was afraid the clerks at the store would mention the outfit to Claire or her mom knowing it was a gift for Claire. I had not decided what to do about the present but now it appeared the decision had been made for me.

I have something for you. Ill be right back. Luckily I had already wrapped the present so all I had to do was pick it up.

Here you are and a happy belated birthday!

Thank you Mr. J. Can I open it now are should I wait to I get home?

No, you can open it now

Claire had a little trouble unwrapping the present and I noticed her breast giggling through her shirt as she tugged at the tape, damn she was not wearing a bra again. Finally she got the box open and saw what was inside. She turned towards me and her face showed her surprise.

O My Gosh! How did you know Ive wanted this outfit forever?

I didnt Claire, the clerks at the store said that you and your mom had been trying to find the right size. I just happened to show up the day it arrived.

OH THANK YOU SO MUCH MR. J!! I could tell she really meant it. She ran over, put her arms around me and gave me a big hug. Here I had been thinking of Claire as a sexually mature woman and now she was acting just like you would expect a child to. She stepped back from me.

Can I try it on for you?

I knew this was probably a bad idea but just like an addict being offered a chance at his addiction again I said Sure. As Claire walked to the bathroom I told her I was going to finish cleaning the pool as she changed.

Ill come down she said.

As I cleaned the pool I kept telling my self not to get drawn into contacting or touching this girl again no matter what. I kept telling myself that over and over. It seemed like a long time had passed and still Claire had not came down to show me the outfit. I waited longer, still no Claire. Just about the time I thought I better go into the house and check on her she walked out of the house onto the pool deck.

OH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had never seen anything so beautiful and sexy in my life. Claire had gotten into my daughters make up and put make up on also. With the make up and outfit I just could not believe how gorgeous she was. I always thought she was beautiful but this was unbelievable, this was way beyond anything I could ever imagine a girl could look like.

Claire, You, You, You So Look Beautiful! I stammered. It was all that I could get to come out.

Claire walked slowly across the pool deck towards me. She stopped in front of me almost touching me. I saw her reach her thin, long arm up and put her left hand behind my neck. She pulled my neck towards her. I knew we were going to kiss and it seemed such a natural thing to do at the moment. Our lips touched and I felt an electric shock go though my entire body. I felt her tongue on my lips, I opened my mouth and her little tongue began to explore the inside of my mouth. Our kissing became more passionate. I felt Claire put the palm of her hand on top of my right hand and she slid her small fingers between mine. She raised both our hands together and I felt my fingers slide across her skin and then onto a breast. I quit kissing her and opened my eyes and saw that she had put my hand on her left breast. The entire front of her shirt was unbuttoned, Im not sure how that happened but didnt care. She started using my hand to fondle her breast as we stared into each others eye. I did not need anymore encouragement, I eagerly started rubbing, massaging and tracing the outline of her breast stopping only to pinch her nipple. I felt Claire remove both her hands from me and then I felt her hands on my crotch, she started to outline my growing erection through my jeans. As I continued to fondle her left breast and she kept stroking my cock through my jeans until it was fully erect. Removing my hand from her breast I lifted the shirt out of her skirt and pulled it completely open and off her shoulders so I could see her bare chest. Raising both hands I began to fondle each breast at the same time. Claire just stared at my cock as she continued to rub it though my jeans. It seemed like we did this to each other for a long time but it was probably less than a minute.

Lets go to your bed Mr. J she said softly. We walked hand in hand across the pool deck towards the house. I felt like a lamb being led to slaughter.

STOP YOU IDIOT, ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!!! The small voice in my head wasnt so small. I stopped.

Claire, stop. We cant do this. Your only twelve Claire, this isnt right.

Its okay Mr. J. she laughed slightly. You think youre the first man Ive had sex with? She grabbed my hand and started leading me to the house again. We walked across the pool deck, into the house and up steps.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHES ONLY 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT DOESNT MATTER IF SHES HAD SEX BEFORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stopped again. Claire! I, I cant do this. It, it just isnt right.

Claire stopped and turn towards me, the front of her shirt still open exposing her bare breast to me. While looking directly in my eyes she said very slowly,

Mr. J, We Are Going To Do Things That Have Only Happened In Your Dreams

THATS IT!!! Im going to DO this little girl right now. Im going to take her my room and do to her all the twisted, perverted sexual things Ive ever thought about doing to this girl. By the time Im done using that body shell be begging me to stop!

STOP !!!!!!! STOP !!!!!!! STOP !!!!!!! STOP !!!!!!! STOP !!!!!!! STOP !!!!!!! STOP !!!!!!! STOP !!!!!!! STOP !!!!!!! STOP !!!!!!! STOP !!!!!!!! STOP

Claire We, We, Cant Do This. Claire, the girls could walk into the house any moment.

We could go to my house.

No Claire, we, we just cant do this. Claire, if anyone ever found out about this I could be in BIG trouble. My daughter would never talk to me again!

I wont tell anyone Mr. J

Please, stop Claire. Dont you understand! This Can Not Happen, EVER! The tone and loudness of my voice even startled me.

Claire looked at me for a long time without saying anything. I think she could see the resolve in my face.

Sam, theres going to be a time that youll regret this decision she said so softly I could barely hear her. I could not tell if she was sad or angry. She buttoned up her shirt, turned and went into the bathroom where her other clothes were. She came out carrying her clothes and walked out the house without saying another word. Finally, its over I thought. I felt relieved that the matter had been settled. But was it? I thought about her last comment. Was she sad OR angry when she said it? It made a big difference. If she was angry with me would she do something to get back at me for turning her down? Even with my growing concerns about that comment I spent the rest of that day with a partial erection thinking about what happened, the feel of her breast in my hands, the look and feel of her rubbing my cock through my jeans but mostly what she had said, we were going to do things that had only happened in my dreams was what she said. I masturbated multiple times that weekend thinking about what I would have like to done to her.

My daughter said Claire did not come over Monday and did not show up again Tuesday or Wednesday. I became more and more concerned that the regret comment had been made in anger. If Claire wanted to cause me trouble for turning her down for sex all she would have to do is tell the police. Then I would be in BIG trouble! But it would be my word against hers wouldnt it? Theres no evidence that anything ever happened. They couldnt get my fingerprint off her breast could they? But the more I thought about it the more I became convinced that trouble was going to come my way for what I had allowed to happen.


Today was Thursday, if I could just make it through to Monday morning things might blow over. On Monday my daughter and I were leaving on the 2 week vacation. Hopefully by the time we got back if Claire had been mad at me her anger will have been gone. Between now and Monday things could go smoothly. My daughter was leaving town Friday but I knew that Claire and her mom were leaving town Friday also so this weekend should be uneventful. Early Monday morning we would leave for two weeks. But I still had a feeling that what had happened with Claire was not over, I just didnt know how or when it would come back to haunt me. I became even more convinced that I was in BIG trouble and it was just a matter of time before I found out about how serious the trouble was.


The ringing phone startled me because I was in such deep thought about my dilemma. When I looked at the caller ID my knees started shaking. It said, SCOTT, STACY: 555-1234. Claires mom was calling me, no doubt I thought to confirm her daughters accusations against me before she called the police. Remember Sam, its your word against Claires. Act innocent! Deny everything! I picked up the phone.


Hi Sam, this is Stacy Scott. So far so good. At least she sounded friendly and not a raving, yelling, furious mom upset about what she thinks I might have done to her daughter. Could I talk her out of calling the police? A misunderstanding perhaps?

Hi Stacy, how are you doing I said cheerfully.

We are doing well. This is sounding better by the sentence.

Sam, Ive got a question for you. Oh Boy, Here It Comes! The Accusation! Be Ready Sam! DENY EVERYTHING !!!!!

Sam, Im leaving town this Friday afternoon. Claire was going to go with me but now shes changed her mind about wanting to go. I was calling to see if she could spend the weekend with you.

WHAT? I was in such shock I could not talk. Spend the weekend with me? WHAT IN THE HELL IS STACY TALKING ABOUT? What do I say? I had to think fast!

Uh&hellip, Im sorry Stacy but Katie is going to be gone this weekend also. Im going to be the only one here I said. This should put an end to this conversation.

Yes Sam I knew Katie was going to be gone this weekend also. Then Stacy said slower I understand that Claire and you will be alone.


Uh, Im not so sure thats a good idea Stacy. If the neighbors see Claire around here for several days knowing that Katies gone they might start talking.

Stacy laughed slightly. Well, knowing my daughter she might never get out of the bed to be seen!

What did she mean by that? This conversation was not making any sense to me what so ever. I was way beyond confused.

Uh, Stacy, Im sorry but I just think its better if Claire does not stay here.

Thats okay Sam. Claire can just go with me as we had originally planned. I just thought that you might like to have time with Claire and not have to worry about any interruptions.


Talk to you later Sam, bye

Uh, okay, a, bye Stacy.

What the HELL was all that about I thought? I kept running the conversation through my brain. Have I got this straight? A mom just asked if her 12 year old daughter could stay with me for a weekend knowing we were going to be in the house alone the entire time, and her reason to ask me this was because she thought I would want to spend time with her daughter without interruptions? That did not make any sense. Why would she think I would want to spend time with Claire without fear of interruption? Why would she WANT me to spend time with Claire without fear of interruption? And whats with that comment she might not ever get out of the bed all about? Stacy said THE bed, as in singular, only one bed. Stacy knows my house probably has 15 beds in for all the kids that stay overnight so why would she identify one particular bed? And which bed was she referring to? Im missing something somewhere. Either she was saying that she had so much trust in my moral character that I would not do anything improper while completely alone with her daughter for days at a time or, what in the hell other reason could there be I thought. The only other possible reason I could think of for her to call and to say what she did would be &hellip,. Oh, No, No Fucking Way! Thats Impossible! It Couldnt Be? Could It?

I though, could Claire have been telling her mom about what was happening between us? And could Claire have told her mom that a reason that I gave for not wanting to have sex with her was I was afraid my daughter would walk in, or INTERRUPT us? So was this call Stacys way of telling me I had her permission to have sex with her daughter? OH MY GOD!!! THATS IT!!! STACYS WAS TELLING ME I HAD HER PERMISSION TO FUCK CLAIRE!!! THATS THE ONLY POSSIBLE EXPLANATION FOR THE PHONE CALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The phone call and conversation made complete sense if everything I thought was happening in their house was correct. I thought back over all the comments that Claire had made in the past months and what I had interpreted them to mean. That not only was the mom and daughter sleeping together they were having sex with each other, not only was Claire in the room when her mom was having sex but that Claire also had sex with the man or at the same time that her mom was having sex with the man. Then there was Claires comment that I was not going to be the first man that she had had sex with. That comment seemed to affirm that I was right about what was happening in their house! Only then did I think about the day that Claire showed up for her birthday present. She said that her mom dropped her off as they were GOING HOME! When I told Claire I was concerned that my girls could walk in on us during sex Claire had said that we could go to her house to have sex KNOWING FULL WELL THAT HER MOM WAS GOING TO BE THERE ALSO! That comment seemed to proved that not only is Claire having sex with her moms knowledge but that Claire thought that that her mom would APPROVE of me having sex with her since her mom was going to be present! Now everything made sense! If all this was true then the ONLY possible meaning for Stacys call was to let me know I had her permission to have sex with her daughter. Should I call Stacy back to clarify what was said? What did I expect the conversation to go like? This?

Hi Stacy, Sam here. I was thinking back on our phone conversation and wanted to clarify what you said. Were you saying that I had your permission to have sex with your 12 year old daughter?…. IT WAS!…. Okay, in that case I DO want her to spend the weekend with me. Is she there now?…. She Is! Good! Could you send her over right now, Id also like to get a piece of that today if possible&hellip,.What? Youll drop her off in 10 minutes?…. Okay, and thanks Stacy!

Yeah, right! The conversation could also go like this,

Hi Stacy, Sam here. I was thinking back on our phone conversation and wanted to clarify what you said. Were you saying that I had your permission to have sex with your 12 year old daughter?….. No, I dont know why you would have said something like that&hellip,. I just wanted to call and make sure that was NOT what you were saying&hellip,. Of course not! Id never have sex with one of the girls that came to my house&hellip,. Look Stacy, theres no need to call the police, this is just a miss-understanding!…..No Stacy, Ive never touched Claire&hellip,. Stacy, The only reason I called was just wanted to make sure you were not saying that&hellip,. Of course I think youre a good mom and that you would never say something like that&hellip,. I dont know why then I would have thought you would have said something like that now&hellip,. Please Stacy, dont call the police. Stacy? Stacy? Stacy? Stacy? OH SHIT !!!!

The next few days I ran the phone conversation through my head over and over and kept coming back to the only possible conclusion, Stacy was giving me permission to have sex with Claire. How do I go about acting on this? Did I really want to act on this? DAMN STRAIGHT I DID! I was obsessed with how it was going to look and feel while using that little body to do fill my sexual desires. But I decided not do to anything until we came back from vacation. But during the entire vacation all I thought about was this situation and how I was going to act on it. I eventually came up with a plan, that if went as planned, not only would end up with me having sex with Claire but also doing it in such a way that my daughter would never realize what was going on. The first step when we got home was for me to call Claire and invite her over. If she accepted the invitation, and still acted as if she wanted to have sex with me, then the next step was for me to meet with Stacy face to face. I though of every possible combination of things that could be said between Stacy and me at that meeting and what my response would be to any comment that she could make. If Stacy really did approve of me having sex with Claire, my questions and comments would lead her to say out loud that very statement. When we were finished talking Stacy would understand without a shadow of doubt that not only did I intend to fuck her little daughter but that I intended to do it that very night! But I knew in my heart that I already had Stacys permission, I just wanted to hear her to confirm it!

The last few days of vacation were hard for me to enjoy since I had the completed plan finalized in my mind, I wanted to get home to put the plan into action! If all went as I expected I possibly would be having sex with Claire that first night home, if not then the second night for sure! I had all the details planned out concerning how I was going to do Claire that very first time, even down to how her little body would have to be positioned so that my cock could enter the different openings that I planed on using!

This Was Going To Be The Best Sex Any Man Has Ever Experienced!!!!

I !

WAS !!


I would have not have been so eager to get home if I would have only known that when I arrived home they were going to be gone from my life.

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