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Common Interests, Part Two

I last wrote of an adventure of adultery and its reasons of the why it happened, how sweet the advent of the act came to pass and outcome of climactic orgasms and then how it had returned to a time of friendship, one not lost with the powerful pleasures we had shared, amazingly. I had thought that would be the end of the tale, nothing else worthy of the readers of my stories to read, I was wrong. God help me was I ever wrong.

It had been two months since Brenda and I had committed the sin of adultery, our spouses none the wiser, our coworkers never had a clue as things returned to normal for us, or in their minds remained the same as always. It had been rare to even think of whilst we worked or even when on break in the small area for us to get away from the hectic schedule of labors and the ever demanding public, much less discuss the forbidden act. So it was that when Brenda asked me to give her a lift on a Friday evening last week that my jaw virtually fell in awe of the simple request spoken in privacy. “Umm,” I stammered as the words of simple request soaked in, “Yeah, I can give you a lift,” and raised my eye brow as I asked a question of my own, “Just a ride, Brenda?” as my heart throbbed and rose into my throat with the sudden thoughts that filled my mind and body with anticipation of her answer.

Her smile spoke the answer more fully than any words could have, yet she did answer in a whisper, “Well, yeah, I want you to give me a lift, or let us give each other one Jerry, if you’re willing that is. I know Jane is working again tonight and Brian is off at the casino in Oklahoma City with some of his buddies.” She smiled a twisted smile and I knew she had plotted to find us a time to share our space and bodies once again without coming right out and saying she had it all planned out.

That conversation sent me into a mind set unplanned and torturous with the fire she lit in my loins and thoughts. That was at about 2:00 o’clock, she was scheduled until 4:00 as was I. I struggled to maintain a focus on the labors of the job even though each time we passed by the other our eyes seemed to shine a bit brighter than our norm. This time it would be different than the last, a simple matter of walking out casually as usual and her slipping into the SUV unnoticed, a feat she was surely up to. I handed her my keys at 3:45 without hesitation, no one knew and it would remain that way.

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